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Monday, January 31, 2011

UN: Capitalism, schmapitalism – it’s time for a revolution!

Let everyone know how U.N. Secretary General is calling for revolution to reform capitalism and establish “Sustainable Development.”

Monday, Jan 31, 2011 at 3:03 PM EST

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, whose recent comments on capitalism and climate change have a strong anti-capitalism and anti-democracy undertone. Glenn put Ki-Moon’s recent comments from the World Economic Forum into context.

With Egypt on the verge of collapse, Glenn feels that there is a strong anti-Western sentiment sweeping different parts of the world. First, he tackled comments from the Ayatollah in Iran.

“All of these protests in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Yemen are inspired by Iran’s Islamic revolution, and these countries are de facto rocked by the aftershock of the Iranian revolution, the ultra conservative cleric added.  [The Ayatollah] says, in the Middle East soon there will be Islamic rulership and a democracy based on religion.  He is saying here also that it’s the end of an era of the Western-backed dictators.  And that is true,” Glenn said.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Salazar's wild lands policy sends shockwaves across the West | CFACT

Salazar's wild lands policy sends shockwaves across the West | CFACT

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s Dec. 22 announcement directing the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to survey its vast holdings with a view towards determining which should be designated as “wild lands” has sent shock waves across the West.

Salazar’s move is widely seen as the Obama administration’s way of dealing with a new Congress that is unlikely to create new wilderness areas legislatively. The administration is rebranding wilderness as wild lands so it can make millions of acres of public land off-limits to development through regulatory fiat. Salazar unveiled the plan after Congress had adjourned for the year and before the new, 112th Congress had been sworn in.

READ the entire article.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Whistleblower’s home raided by armed FDLE agents

A 1787 Network Exclusive

by Adrian Wyllie     Email: adrian@1787network.com    Phone: 1-800-575-1787


JASPER, FLORIDA – Robert “Bob” Burton is a deadhead logger in the Florida panhandle.  In the course of his business, he stumbled upon some illegal activities carried out by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), including state employees dumping toxic waste in Florida water reclamation areas.

On Friday, Hamilton County sheriff’s deputies and Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) agents, dressed in tactical gear and armed with assault rifles, served him with a search warrant.   Agents seized his computer, cell phone, and video camera.   However, Burton has not been charged with any crime.

He also reported that the DEP had seized a logger’s entire season harvest, even though the logger had the proper permits, and was violating no laws.  A judge later ruled that the logger in question had legally harvested the logs, valued at over $300,000, but the DEP has refused to return the logs.  He contends that public records regarding this case were intentionally destroyed.

Burton recorded a telephone conversation with Ryan Tyson, the Chief of Staff for State Senator Charles S. “Charlie” Dean, Sr.,  in which

Tyson may have made incriminating statements regarding DEP activities.    Sen. Dean is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation.   Burton published his conversation with Tyson, along with other evidence of corruption, on YouTube.com.

As of Friday evening, those videos have been deleted by YouTube.

All of that apparently led to deputies and FDLE agents in tactical gear with assault rifles paying him a terrifying visit.

On Friday, January 14 around 7:30 am, Burton got a knock on his door.  Standing there was a Hamilton County sheriff’s deputy and several heavily armed FDLE agents.  They presented a warrant.  Not an arrest warrant, but a warrant to seize Burton’s computer, video camera, cell phone, and documents.

No one was arrested — they just wanted the documents and recordings Burton had made of state officials engaged in what appears to be illegal activities.

Burton’s wife, Katherine “Kathy” Scott, was in the shower at the time.  She was forced out of the bathroom.  They brought in a female agent to observe her as she dressed.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


WORLD GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIP Top Down – Bottom Up by ERICA CARLE « Opinions, News and Commentary by Regular Guy
Glenn Beck is correct – absolutely, positively correct – when he recognizes that our Constitutional government is being attacked from the top and from the bottom. But the problem is, we need to know who controls the top and who controls the bottom. The answer is, and has been, before us for generations, but it is so simple and so huge that most people cannot see it and believe it.

Those at the top have to be in a position to gain the cooperation of wealthy and influential people, legislators, judges, and also the Presidents themselves. They need to have great influence on the international scene. They need to have an organization with a large following that is able to influence other organizations. It must attract people of all religions and be trusted without question by a large percentage of its members. It must have power to influence media. Does such an organization exist? It most certainly does, and you or one of your groups may be a part of it.

Click to see entire entry.

Note: Erica Carle and her husband now reside in the Palm City area.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are the Deficits Forever?

by Patrick J. Buchanan


"The success of a party means little except when the nation is using that party for a large and definite purpose," said Woodrow Wilson in his first inaugural. "No one can mistake the purpose for which the nation now seeks to use the Democratic Party."

As with Wilson's Democrats in 1913, so it is with the Republican Party today. It has been called to power for the "large and definite purpose" of halting the growth of government and putting the nation's fiscal house in order. Whether it can succeed is another matter.

While a visitor to Capitol Hill the day the gavel was passed from Nancy Pelosi to John Boehner could not miss the confident enthusiasm of the new Republican class for the assignment history has given it, the balance of power in this city weighs heavily against its success.

Click to go to the Article.

This should scare you. If it does not, please call me.

DRAFT Martin - St. Lucie Regional Long Range Transportation Plan

2035 Update

Public Comment

The Draft 2035 Regional Long Range Plan Update is available for public comment,
and the public comment period ends Wednesday, February 2, 2011. 

The transmittal hearing to Federal Highway Administration occurs February 2, 2011 at 1:00 pm at the St. Lucie County Commission Chambers.

Please submit comments to:

Dana Little 772-221-4060 phone  -  772-221-4067 fax
421 SW Camden Avenue
Stuart, Florida 34994

The document can be accessed online: http://www.martinstlucierlrtp.com/documents/public_participation_draft_document/toc_draft.htm

Or a hard copy can be found at the following locations:

Martin County St. Lucie County
  • Martin County Administrative Center
    2401 SE Monterey Road
    Stuart, Florida (772) 320.3200
  • Blake Public Library
    2351 SE Monterey Road
    Stuart, Florida (772) 288.5702
  • Hoke Public Library
    1150 NW Jack Williams Way
    Jensen Beach, Florida (772) 463.2870
  • Morgade Library
    2400 SE Salerno Road
    Stuart, Florida (772) 463.3245
  • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
    421 SW Camden Avenue
    Stuart, FL (772) 221.4060
  • St. Lucie County Building
    3rd Floor Media Relations
    2300 Virginia Avenue
    Ft. Pierce, Florida (772) 462.1100
  • Ft. Pierce City Hall
    100 N. US 1
    Ft. Pierce, Florida (772) 460.2200
  • Port St. Lucie City Hall
    121 S.W. Port St. Lucie Boulevard
    Port St. Lucie, Florida (772) 871.5225
  • Fort Pierce Branch Library
    101 Melody Lane
    Ft. Pierce, Florida (772) 462.1615
  • St. Lucie West Library
    500 West California Boulevard
    Port St. Lucie, Florida (772) 873.3309


Friday, January 14, 2011

Agenda 21: A Global Economic Disaster in the Making


Exclusive to Right Side News:

Listening to the local news on the radio recently, I heard a report about how newly elected Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz plans to save $8 million by, among other things, merging the “Office of Sustainability” with the Department of Environmental Protection and Resource Management.

Office of Sustainability? In the county?

According to the story, “The new agency will be renamed the Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability….”

The Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability

A county government has its own EPA? You must be kidding.

No, unfortunately not. We’re from the government and we’re here to help.

Read the entire article.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

This is disgusting.


Mayors Leading the Way on Climate Protection

"Mayors have single-handedly taken action on climate protection efforts and in many cases, creatively launched local energy efficiency programs to help reduce our carbon footprint in American cities." - Tom Cochran, CEO & Executive Director, U.S. Conference of Mayors

Mayors are on the front lines of impacting human behavior - from their work on recycling, to aids prevention, and prostate cancer, they are changing human behavior every day. This is one of many reasons why 1044 mayors continue to join The U.S. Conference of Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement, vowing to reduce carbon emissions in their cities below 1990 levels, in line with the Kyoto Protocol. Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels was the founder of this movement.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Repeal the 17th Amendment – Tenth Amendment Center

Repeal the 17th Amendment – Tenth Amendment Center

by John MacMullin
Oct. 24, 2008

Nearing election time again, we are reminded that the there are no checks and balances available to the states over federal power or over Congress itself in any area. However, in the history of our country, it was not always this way. In the original design by the Framers of the U.S. Constitution, there was an effective check on Congress through the state legislatures’ power to appoint (and remove) United States Senators.

As such, the core of the problem with state’s rights issues lies in the passage of the 17th Amendment in 1913, which abrogated the state legislatures’ right to appoint United States Senators in favor of popular election of those officials. This amendment created a fundamental structural problem which, irrespective of the political party in office, or the laws in effect at any one time, will result, over time, in expanding federal control in every area.

The 17th Amendment caused a failure in the federalist structure, federal deficit spending, inappropriate federal mandates, and federal control over a number of state institutions.

Read the entire article.

Monday, January 10, 2011

M912TC Joins Freedom21 to Repeal the 17th Amendment


The Martin 9/12 TeaParty Committee has been selected to get the word out in Florida of the new campaign by Freedom21.org to organize more grassroots leaders for the purpose of promoting legislation to repeal the 17th Amendment.

Many people have not even heard of the 17th Amendment, and have no appreciation of its devastating effect on the balance of power in the original design for our federal Republic.  This campaign, under the guidance of Henry Lamb, renowned author and lecturer for Sovereignty International and other policy-analysis institutions, intends to bring this issue into the popular conversation.

To that end, we are sending this information to the organizers of Florida’s grassroots campaigns who have shown their colors as true conservatives in the Tea Party / 912 tradition.  Link to the introductory information that will show you the logic that leads to our assertion that this is the FIRST STEP, and that enforcing the 9th and 10th Amendments is not likely without it. 

We recommend your participation in this effort and caution you that this will be a long process with unsteady progress.  We are ready to fight for as long as it takes to accomplish this first necessary step in recovering the Republic.

Read the organizers' information below and take action today. 

Jim McGovern
Martin 9/12 TeaParty Committee


Why is California Bankrupt? …I mean, beside Illegal Immigration?

Welfare from ATM machines around the world.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Rep. Will Snyder listens to the community

Crowd gathers at the Town Meeting for immigration enforcement.
What I saw at this meeting was an organized parade of people who invoked the "race card" repeatedly in opposition to this bill.  Despite repeated assurances by Reps. Snyder and Harrell, and even by Sheriff Crowder, these people kept hammering at the potential "racial profiling" fear.  If you say something often enough, it seems true.

All the speakers were well-behaved and civil, but the overwhelming theme was, "poor me, I'll be singled out by evil police because I'm not white."  One speaker (a Mr. Guzman, whom I otherwise agreed with) had the gall to opine that local law enforcement officers were incapable of understanding the complexities of the immigration issue.  His point was that enforcement must be left to the federal government.  He apparently suffers from the common misconception that federal must be "better."

I wanted to remind him of two things:

  1. Our local officers are every bit as capable as most federal LEO's and many are better, and
  2. if immigration laws are so complex that they require a super intellect to enforce, then maybe there's something wrong with the law.

Rep. Snyder was a law enforcement officer for many years.  He knows these guys (officers) are motivated by a need to protect the innocent and vulnerable, not by any meanness or cruelty.  These complainers can not understand this, as they see only bad in people.

This is not a RACE issue.  This is pure ECONOMICS.  And the lack of trust that was shown by these complainers was appalling.

Jim McGovern

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A great New Year’ s Resolution

By Henry Lamblamb08

In hopes of returning to a previous, “better” condition, millions of Americans will resolve to:  quit smoking, lose weight, or engage in some other activity to make their life better in some way.  Suppose there were an activity in which Americans could engage that would make the entire world better, especially that portion of the world we call the United States of America.  There is!

We can resolve to restore the original, unique Republic created by our founders.

George Washington, Ben Franklin, James Madison and the handful of other great Americans who assembled in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787, used nearly half of the Convention time debating the single issue of representation in the new government.  Shall the new government be a government of the states, or a government of the people?

The Articles of Confederation created a government of the states, and any amendment to the Articles required unanimous approval.  This arrangement was inadequate; no state could be compelled to comply with any directive from the government.  James Madison’s Virginia Plan proposed a new government of the people; Andrew Hamilton wanted a strong central government, with the President to be elected for life.