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Friday, January 7, 2011

Rep. Will Snyder listens to the community

Crowd gathers at the Town Meeting for immigration enforcement.
What I saw at this meeting was an organized parade of people who invoked the "race card" repeatedly in opposition to this bill.  Despite repeated assurances by Reps. Snyder and Harrell, and even by Sheriff Crowder, these people kept hammering at the potential "racial profiling" fear.  If you say something often enough, it seems true.

All the speakers were well-behaved and civil, but the overwhelming theme was, "poor me, I'll be singled out by evil police because I'm not white."  One speaker (a Mr. Guzman, whom I otherwise agreed with) had the gall to opine that local law enforcement officers were incapable of understanding the complexities of the immigration issue.  His point was that enforcement must be left to the federal government.  He apparently suffers from the common misconception that federal must be "better."

I wanted to remind him of two things:

  1. Our local officers are every bit as capable as most federal LEO's and many are better, and
  2. if immigration laws are so complex that they require a super intellect to enforce, then maybe there's something wrong with the law.

Rep. Snyder was a law enforcement officer for many years.  He knows these guys (officers) are motivated by a need to protect the innocent and vulnerable, not by any meanness or cruelty.  These complainers can not understand this, as they see only bad in people.

This is not a RACE issue.  This is pure ECONOMICS.  And the lack of trust that was shown by these complainers was appalling.

Jim McGovern

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