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Martin 9/12 Calendar (& City of Stuart)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

This should scare you. If it does not, please call me.

DRAFT Martin - St. Lucie Regional Long Range Transportation Plan

2035 Update

Public Comment

The Draft 2035 Regional Long Range Plan Update is available for public comment,
and the public comment period ends Wednesday, February 2, 2011. 

The transmittal hearing to Federal Highway Administration occurs February 2, 2011 at 1:00 pm at the St. Lucie County Commission Chambers.

Please submit comments to:

Dana Little 772-221-4060 phone  -  772-221-4067 fax
421 SW Camden Avenue
Stuart, Florida 34994

The document can be accessed online: http://www.martinstlucierlrtp.com/documents/public_participation_draft_document/toc_draft.htm

Or a hard copy can be found at the following locations:

Martin County St. Lucie County
  • Martin County Administrative Center
    2401 SE Monterey Road
    Stuart, Florida (772) 320.3200
  • Blake Public Library
    2351 SE Monterey Road
    Stuart, Florida (772) 288.5702
  • Hoke Public Library
    1150 NW Jack Williams Way
    Jensen Beach, Florida (772) 463.2870
  • Morgade Library
    2400 SE Salerno Road
    Stuart, Florida (772) 463.3245
  • Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
    421 SW Camden Avenue
    Stuart, FL (772) 221.4060
  • St. Lucie County Building
    3rd Floor Media Relations
    2300 Virginia Avenue
    Ft. Pierce, Florida (772) 462.1100
  • Ft. Pierce City Hall
    100 N. US 1
    Ft. Pierce, Florida (772) 460.2200
  • Port St. Lucie City Hall
    121 S.W. Port St. Lucie Boulevard
    Port St. Lucie, Florida (772) 871.5225
  • Fort Pierce Branch Library
    101 Melody Lane
    Ft. Pierce, Florida (772) 462.1615
  • St. Lucie West Library
    500 West California Boulevard
    Port St. Lucie, Florida (772) 873.3309



livepreview2The Martin 9/12 TeaParty Committee (specifically, Jackie) wants you to be aware of this movement on the part of Public-Private-Partnerships to circumvent elected decision makers to change Florida laws so that they can institute Sustainable Development projects in our region without regard to private property rights.

These projects are being duplicated in every state and in every region, so that in the near future, all localities will be lined up in conformance with plans to centralize the economy, making your state legislature, and even the U.S. Congress, irrelevant. This is the very definition of a "soviet."

Below is the public notice that they are required to make. You are then challenged to make public comments. These public comments will be "recorded" and summarily dismissed in favor of their "consensus groups" who have been managed to produce the public response that they need to present this project to county commissioners and state legislators as the "Will of the People."

Commissioners and legislators will be unaware or unconcerned that these public notices and meetings are contrived by trained "facilitators," who produce the desired results from a formula supplied by "urban planners."

(Note: Read Why Things Are the Way They Are, by Erica Carle.)

Who are these people and how are they funded? How much of their budget comes from contributions made from county funds and taxpayer money? Which of our commissioners are participating in this farce?

We can not hope to remove these enemies of Constitutional principles from influencing government activities unless we start to expose their activities on the local level. These types of illicit non-government agencies are producing frightening results all over the United States. Link to this, for example. Or see what's going on in Alabama.

If this kind of activity does not freak you out because it is contrary to Constitutional principles, it is a drain on our economic resources and will make it impossible to recover from the recession or to create actual private-sector jobs. Environmentalists and globalists see the destruction of our economy as the only way to socialize the United States. Once the bottom has dropped out, a centrally controlled economy, with redistribution of wealth, will commence.

Jim McGovern



Board Members of TheGlobalist

The Collins Center


Sustainable Socialism

Economic Disaster on the County Level


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