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Sunday, January 16, 2011


WORLD GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIP Top Down – Bottom Up by ERICA CARLE « Opinions, News and Commentary by Regular Guy
Glenn Beck is correct – absolutely, positively correct – when he recognizes that our Constitutional government is being attacked from the top and from the bottom. But the problem is, we need to know who controls the top and who controls the bottom. The answer is, and has been, before us for generations, but it is so simple and so huge that most people cannot see it and believe it.

Those at the top have to be in a position to gain the cooperation of wealthy and influential people, legislators, judges, and also the Presidents themselves. They need to have great influence on the international scene. They need to have an organization with a large following that is able to influence other organizations. It must attract people of all religions and be trusted without question by a large percentage of its members. It must have power to influence media. Does such an organization exist? It most certainly does, and you or one of your groups may be a part of it.

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Note: Erica Carle and her husband now reside in the Palm City area.

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