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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Money Has Corrupted Our Political System And Threatens The Republic

by Kirk F. MacKenzie DefendRuralAmerica
Founder of Defend Rural AmericaTM

April 29, 2014

© 2014 Kirk F. MacKenzie.

All rights reserved.

Our Efforts Are Being Blocked

I fear our efforts to take our country back are being obstructed, and from the very people that should be representing our interests. These obstructionists, no matter how patriotic or constitutional they might believe themselves to be, threaten our Republic. Every single group within our Restoration Movement, no matter the specific issue that it is focused on―common core education, stack-and-pack housing, high-speed rail, regional government, agriculture, mining, forestry, property rights, access to public lands, environment, etc.―is called upon to unite in one common goal we must all share: the restoration of truly constitutional county and state governments. We either restore local constitutional government, or suffer global governance.

The Invisible Divide

My conclusion is based upon the extensive number of meetings, presentations, conversations, and travels I have participated in over the past three years. There is an invisible divide between the People and many if not most of our Representatives. The People are ready to solve fundamental, systemic problems. Our Representatives, however, will only go so far. That divide is not always expressed openly and publicly, but can be discerned from non-discussion and non-action on issues such as the fraudulent and enslaving nature of our monetary system, to name but one, a topic considered to be the electrified third rail of politics. I fear the full and immediate use of a state's existing jurisdiction may be another.

Money Used To Bypass Our Constitution (Read more…)

Saturday, April 26, 2014


By Betty Freauf
April 26, 2014

While a coalition of governments and brutal dictatorships known as the Group of 20 (G-20) is in the process of meeting in April to continue its push to empower the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bundy was fighting the BLM in Nevada, the somnambulists were running in the Boston Marathon again and others met at a “pot festival” in Colorado on Easter weekend blowing smoke in the face of photographers. One participant wore a T-shirt: Drugs Are My Life. A recent Gallup survey found that 70 percent of respondents have “checked out” or are “actively disengaged” from their jobs. And that dear readers is exactly the goal of these evil proliferate despot world leaders including Barack Obama who want sleeping Americans and global one world government.


Obama and others met in Russia in 2013 to continue plotting while our lethargic pot smokers and others don’t have a clue. This G-20 coalition is doubling the resources it has while giving dictatorships such as China and other socialist regimes much more control over the institutions at the expense of the U.S. Government. A controversial IMF report released late last year, for instance, touts schemes to have big spending governments with out-of-control debts plunder humanity’s wealth using a mix of much higher taxes and outright confiscation. They have already literally looted the bank accounts of private individuals in Cyprus as a trial run at worldwide wealth confiscation and our savings, 401(k) and retirements are in danger. Citing a sample of 15 euro-area nations, the report claims that all households with positive net wealth – anyone with more assets than debt would have to surrender ten percent.

The 4/21/2014 NEW AMERICAN magazine shows a picture of what they call “Peas in a pod, or in suits” that met in Russia in 2013 to continue plotting. Soviet leader Putin and U.S. President Obama are seen laughing with other autocrats from the G-20 at how they are working with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to develop the worst tax law you’ve never heard about called the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) passed in 2010 without any hearings or analysis. It was passed largely by Democrats and hidden in the misnamed “HIRE Act.” OECD is funded in large part by $100 million annually from the U.S. taxpayers.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Petitions for a Martin County Commissioner's Challenger respectfully sought

Dear friends, and concerned Voters of Martin County: drobinbarker

During recent months I have become aware of concerns over the overall performance of Commissioner Fielding.  He is not a bad man, but I do believe the Commission would be better off with a more focused individual who is deeply concerned about Constitutional issues and preservation of our Republic's values, etc.

He is Mr. John Schierbaum.  And, he wishes to work to replace Commissioner Ed Fielding.

Even if you decide not to vote for John, he must have Martin County registered voters complete campaign petitions to just enable him to appear on the Ballot in November, so others can have the opportunity to make a choice.

Could you please download and print out the attached prepared Petition form(s), by completing all information sought in the yellow highlighted areas?

Then, could you please mail them to:

Elect Trapper John
P.O. Box 1133
Palm City, FL 34994

Thank you very, very much.  I know that folks who are Conservative and Independent thinkers know that to enable multiple candidates to run for office lets the People have a wider field to make their final selections from.  To that end, I am again asking for the courtesy of your compliance of this respectful request.

Thank you.


D. Robin Barker



Saturday, April 12, 2014

TPP: Repeal the 16th Amendment

APR 8, 2014 | http://www.teapartypatriots.org/all-issues/news/repeal-the-16th-amendment/ TPP_Capture

In just a few days, American citizens will once again be forced to give an annual accounting of their tax liability to the federal government, despite the fact that the IRS has been siphoning off a portion of their hard-earned income all year long. It’s called Tax Day. In the United States of America, the more you earn, the more the government takes.

We at Tea Party Patriots agree that the 16th Amendment needs to be repealed. You can help by signing our petition for repeal here.

The income tax became law when Congress adopted the 16th Amendment in 1913. Since then, our tax code has ballooned to tens of thousands of pages of unreadable, convoluted text with loophole after loophole. Those who come out on top are the ones who figure out how best to game the system.

Meanwhile, middle-class Americans are, once a year, forced to navigate a complicated web of loopholes and deductions. The whole process hinders opportunities to do things like save for college, save for retirement, and plan for a solid, financial future. How can anyone plan for the future when the ever-changing tax code fluctuates on the whims of lawmakers, often resulting in more onerous burdens?

Washington has talked tax reform to death for decades, all talk and no action.  The reason is because too much of the Washington establishment benefits from the current tax system.  The people who are supposed to protect your money are more concerned with protecting their own interests.

We hope you’ll join us. We believe the income tax takes too much of your money and actually serves as an impediment to any opportunity for you and your family to achieve financial security.  Likewise, the current tax system is a drag on economic growth.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that Americans can’t trust their own government to fairly implement the tax code in a just and transparent manner. This Tax Day, instead of standing by and sending your hard-earned money to the government, support Tea Party Patriots and Rep. Bridenstine and join the effort. It’s time to repeal the 16thAmendment!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Legal Immigration

Since 1970 with mass immigration the largest number are from Mexico. Of those allowed in legally, only 36% have become Naturalized but over 50% are on welfare. Of all immigrants allowed in since 1970 only 56% have become Naturalized. Think recent immigrants are coming to contribute or to take?

Illegal Immigration

The first amnesty was in 1986 supposedly for under one million illegal aliens but ended up being over 3 million who were said to be yearning for citizenship. Granted amnesty over twenty eight years ago, only 40% ever became Naturalized. Not content, Congress passed an additional six amnesties or amnesty adjustments through 2000 that no one ever mentions. What is one definition of insanity?

How about the promises Congress made in 1986 and not one to this day has been kept:
  • There would be only one amnesty.....ever......
  • Congress would secure the border........
  • Congress would mandate E-Verify so all workers would be legal.

Yet, we have idiots in Congress only too happy to say the immigration system is broken not remembering the promises made in '86 or following the advice of the Jordan Commission in '96 to eliminate chain migration. 

We cannot control poverty until we control immigration levels.

George Fuller

Robin Eubanks: A gentle voice with a powerful message.

Once again we are compelled to point readers to the body of work from author Robin Eubanks. Her brilliant blog augments her fabulous book, Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon. credentialed2destroy

This week Robin starts a analysis of the systemic (and intentional) breakdown of traditional education to pave the way for sustainable development. The role of Common Core State Standards is evaluated. You would be well served to carve some time from your busy schedule to sit undisturbed while enjoying the well-written stream of this author’s considerable thoughts. She will strike a chord in knowledgeable readers with every paragraph.

This page (WWW.M912TC.COM) features a direct link to Robin’s blog posts in the right-hand column, under “INVISIBLE SERFS COLLAR.”

To sample this episode, she writes,

Earlier in the week the IPCC, the UN-affiliated Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, released its Working Group II Summary For Policy-Makers, http://ipcc-wg2.gov/AR5/images/uploads/IPCC_WG2AR5_SPM_Approved.pdf with its language on pages 22-23 about Effective Adaptation. Suddenly, the discussion was not about science in the physical sense. We were talking about education and new forms of governance and what is called systems science and no one was talking about waiting to see what happened in the physical world. I recognized the crucial importance of this language about adaptation and immediately put on my Deerstalker Hat and turned on my printer to collect more proof. That has turned the last few days into a whirlwind of in-motion plans, with cites to many of the same ed schemers we have been so horrified by–both in my book when I explained constructivism over the decades, or on this blog as we explored the cybernetic theory of control over human behavior.

Not easy reading, but quite satisfying. Enjoy!


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Friday, April 4, 2014

Senate wants to use $10 Million for "Quiet Zones" for All Aboard Florida

State Senate passes budget including $10 million for All Aboard Florida quiet zones

By Isadora Rangel

Contact your state senator (and a few more).

Senator Joseph Abruzzo  (850) 487-5025  abruzzo.joseph.web@flsenate.gov
Senator Thad Altman  (850) 487-5016  altman.thad.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Aaron Bean  (850) 487-5004  bean.aaron.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto  (850) 487-5030  benacquisto.lizbeth.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Rob Bradley  (850) 487-5007  bradley.rob.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Jeff Brandes  (850) 487-5022  brandes.jeff.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Oscar Braynon, II  (850) 487-5036  braynon.oscar.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Dwight Bullard  (850) 487-5039  bullard.dwight.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Jeff Clemens  (850) 487-5027  clemens.jeff.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Charles S. Dean, Sr.  (850) 487-5005  dean.charles.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Nancy C. Detert  (850) 487-5028  detert.nancy.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla  (850) 487-5040  portilla.miguel.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Greg Evers  (850) 487-5002  evers.greg.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Anitere Flores  (850) 487-5037  flores.anitere.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Don Gaetz  (850) 487-5001  gaetz.don.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Bill Galvano  (850) 487-5026  galvano.bill.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Rene Garcia  (850) 487-5038  garcia.rene.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Andy Gardiner  (850) 487-5013  gardiner.andy.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Audrey Gibson  (850) 487-5009  gibson.audrey.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Denise Grimsley  (850) 487-5021  grimsley.denise.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Alan Hays  (850) 487-5011  hays.alan.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Dorothy L. Hukill  (850) 487-5008  hukill.dorothy.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Arthenia L. Joyner  (850) 487-5019  joyner.arthenia.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Jack Latvala  (850) 487-5020  latvala.jack.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Tom Lee  (850) 487-5024  lee.tom.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator John Legg  (850) 487-5017  legg.john.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Gwen Margolis  (850) 487-5035  margolis.gwen.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Bill Montford  (850) 487-5003  montford.bill.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Joe Negron  (850) 487-5032  negron.joe.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Garrett Richter  (850) 487-5023  richter.garrett.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Jeremy Ring  (850) 487-5029  ring.jeremy.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Maria Lorts Sachs  (850) 487-5034  sachs.maria.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator David Simmons  (850) 487-5010  simmons.david.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Wilton Simpson  (850) 487-5018  simpson.wilton.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Christopher L. Smith  (850) 487-5031  smith.chris.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Eleanor Sobel  (850) 487-5033  sobel.eleanor.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Darren Soto  (850) 487-5014  soto.darren.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Kelli Stargel  (850) 487-5015  stargel.kelli.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator Geraldine F. Thompson  (850) 487-5012  thompson.geraldine.web@flsenate.gov 
Senator John Thrasher  (850) 487-5006  thrasher.john.web@flsenate.gov

Agenda21: Swallowing America

RangeMag_logoIn a two-part special report from Range Magazine, Michael Coffman, PhD, examines the destruction of private property rights (and consequent destruction of U.S. sovereignty) resulting from the United Nations plans for “sustainability.”

Please link to the article on the Range Magazine website, or to the .pdf file download for later reading.

Link to the .pdf file:


This post submitted for Jim Stack from his “Stuff of Stack.”

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Communist States of America


Read more at http://eaglerising.com/5397/communist-states-america/#zYliJksiQGyrhgFD.99

A preferred ploy of left-wing change agents is to ridicule critics when they point out the undeniable parallels between the goals of today’s “progressive” movement, to include the Democratic Party in general, and the goals of the early, and very much still alive, communist movement.

If, for instance, one mentions the historical fact that nearly every adult who, at any time, was in any position of influence over a young, soon-to-be-radicalized Barry Soetoro was an avowed communist, to include his own parents, then one is immediately mocked and dismissed as a neo-McCarthyite hack pining for the bygone days of the Red Scare. This is an evasive, ad hominem strategy employed by those who are caught, for lack of a better word, red-handed.

To all this I say, if the jackboot fits, wear it. If it quacks like a commie and goose-steps like a commie, then a commie it is. [Read more...]