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Friday, April 25, 2014

Petitions for a Martin County Commissioner's Challenger respectfully sought

Dear friends, and concerned Voters of Martin County: drobinbarker

During recent months I have become aware of concerns over the overall performance of Commissioner Fielding.  He is not a bad man, but I do believe the Commission would be better off with a more focused individual who is deeply concerned about Constitutional issues and preservation of our Republic's values, etc.

He is Mr. John Schierbaum.  And, he wishes to work to replace Commissioner Ed Fielding.

Even if you decide not to vote for John, he must have Martin County registered voters complete campaign petitions to just enable him to appear on the Ballot in November, so others can have the opportunity to make a choice.

Could you please download and print out the attached prepared Petition form(s), by completing all information sought in the yellow highlighted areas?

Then, could you please mail them to:

Elect Trapper John
P.O. Box 1133
Palm City, FL 34994

Thank you very, very much.  I know that folks who are Conservative and Independent thinkers know that to enable multiple candidates to run for office lets the People have a wider field to make their final selections from.  To that end, I am again asking for the courtesy of your compliance of this respectful request.

Thank you.


D. Robin Barker



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