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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Robin Eubanks: A gentle voice with a powerful message.

Once again we are compelled to point readers to the body of work from author Robin Eubanks. Her brilliant blog augments her fabulous book, Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon. credentialed2destroy

This week Robin starts a analysis of the systemic (and intentional) breakdown of traditional education to pave the way for sustainable development. The role of Common Core State Standards is evaluated. You would be well served to carve some time from your busy schedule to sit undisturbed while enjoying the well-written stream of this author’s considerable thoughts. She will strike a chord in knowledgeable readers with every paragraph.

This page (WWW.M912TC.COM) features a direct link to Robin’s blog posts in the right-hand column, under “INVISIBLE SERFS COLLAR.”

To sample this episode, she writes,

Earlier in the week the IPCC, the UN-affiliated Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, released its Working Group II Summary For Policy-Makers, http://ipcc-wg2.gov/AR5/images/uploads/IPCC_WG2AR5_SPM_Approved.pdf with its language on pages 22-23 about Effective Adaptation. Suddenly, the discussion was not about science in the physical sense. We were talking about education and new forms of governance and what is called systems science and no one was talking about waiting to see what happened in the physical world. I recognized the crucial importance of this language about adaptation and immediately put on my Deerstalker Hat and turned on my printer to collect more proof. That has turned the last few days into a whirlwind of in-motion plans, with cites to many of the same ed schemers we have been so horrified by–both in my book when I explained constructivism over the decades, or on this blog as we explored the cybernetic theory of control over human behavior.

Not easy reading, but quite satisfying. Enjoy!


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1 comment:

Jim6058 said...

If you link to the IPCC document mentioned in Robin's post, you begin to read a report that could have been lifted from the Lilliputians who fought between the kingdom who mandated cracking a soft-boiled egg from the "small end" and the kingdom that required its subjects to start from the "large end." Jonathan Swift must be spinning in his grave.