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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rick Scott’s private meeting with Jeb Bush irks parent activists, Democrats

Gov. Rick Scott’s private meeting with Jeb Bush irks parent activists, Democrats


Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/29/3594516/gov-rick-scotts-private-meeting.html#storylink=cpy


Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/29/3594516/gov-rick-scotts-private-meeting.html#storylink=cpy

ReadAfter failing to show up at the three-day education summit he convened in Clearwater this week, Gov. Rick Scott held a private meeting in Miami Thursday night to discuss the future of Florida’s schools.

The guest list: former Gov. Jeb Bush, state Sen. John Thrasher and state Board of Education Chairman Gary Chartrand.
The dinnertime meeting was cloaked in extraordinary secrecy. Scott’s schedule did not list a location other than “Miami, FL,” and his chief spokeswoman, Melissa Sellers, couldn’t provide any other details.
That infuriated parent activists, who said Scott shouldn’t have called three dozen education leaders to Clearwater if he intended to make decisions with a small group of advisors out of the public eye.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/29/3594516/gov-rick-scotts-private-meeting.html#storylink=cpy

 more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/29/3594516/gov-rick-scotts-private-meeting.html#storylink=cpy

Lt. Gov. Forest issues DPI's Response to Common Core

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest Reveals the Bureaucracy Behind Common Core

This is truly amazing.
Related report from The Heritage Foundation.

Monday, August 26, 2013



By Attorney Jonathan EmordEmord
Author of "The Rise of Tyranny" and "Global Censorship of Health Information" and "Restore The Republic"
August 26, 2013

Is your property truly your own or may the federal government on virtually any pretext take it away from you?

More than a century ago, Congress began the movement to exercise federal regulatory control over the nation’s waterways. This year the Clean Water Act turns 41. For four decades EPA regulations have caused thousands of property owners to suffer fines, lose the economic value of their property, or declare bankruptcy and lose their property entirely. Farmers and land owners near waterways have come to learn all to[o] well what it means to experience a regulatory takings—to have your property devalued and your title to property transformed from defeasible to indefeasible. An owner in title only, those who suffer the worst following receipt of EPA Compliance Orders must pay taxes on property they can neither use nor sell.

EPA has defined properties across the United States to be “wetlands” or “jurisdictional wetlands” because those properties accumulate water seasonally, are adjacent to navigable waterways, or are used by migrating water fowl or other water dependent species.

Read the entire column at NewsWithViews...

Saturday, August 24, 2013



CuddyBy Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
August 5, 2013

In 1967, Business International issued a research report stating: " ...the nation-state is becoming obsolete: tomorrow...it will in any meaningful sense be dead---and so will the corporation that remains essentially national."

Until this time, American political parties, even the business-oriented Republican Party, had been concerned about protecting American jobs. In the 1972 Republican Party platform, there was the following provision: "We deplore the practice of locating plants in foreign countries solely to take advantage of low wage rates in order to produce goods primarily for sale in the United States. We will take action to discourage such unfair and disruptive practices that result in the loss of American jobs." However, this plank in the 1976 platform was omitted! What had happened?

In GLOBAL REACH: THE POWER OF THE MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS (1974), authors Richard Barnet and Ronald Muller quote IBM French spokesperson Jacques Maisonrouge as commenting: "In the forties Wendell Willkie spoke about 'One World.' In the seventies we are inexorably pushed toward it." In 1973, David Rockefeller formed the Trilateral Commission. And the next year, Trilateralist Richard Gardner wrote in the Council on Foreign Relations' (CFR's) FOREIGN AFFAIRS (April 1974) that to build the "house of world order...an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more that the old-fashioned frontal assault." Barnet and Muller also quote Trilateralist and CFR member George Ball (former Undersecretary of State and chairman of Lehman Brothers International) as saying the nation-state "is a very old-fashioned idea and badly adapted to our present complex world."

Read Part 1 at NewsWithViews.com...



By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.Cuddy
August 19, 2013

Through the 1980s, a global economy was developing, and there was increasing pressure from multinational corporations and their globalist political allies for initiatives such as NAFTA and GATT. Though Herman Daly (formerly a senior economist with the World Bank) and theologian John B. Cobb, Jr., didn't like the direction NAFTA and GATT were taking, in their 1989 book, FOR THE COMMON GOOD, they wrote: "The World Court needs to be strengthened so that in the future, nations such as the United States cannot ignore its judgments with impunity....If the economy becomes more and more global with economic decisions not controlled by any political body, then World Government in a strong sense will be needed....The transferable birth quota plan (Boulding 1964; Daly 1974; Heer 1975) proposes that scale and distribution of the rights to bear children be determined by the community at large, but that these rights then be traded in the free market.

Read Part 2 on NewsWithViews.com...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Get busy Get chatty Get theBlaze


Click the Blaze to get information on urging your cable provider to list TheBlaze for your lineup.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Statewide Search Underway to Find Missing SC Republican #tcot

Statewide Search Underway to Find Missing SC Republican

authorby DEBRA HEINE | 19 Aug 2013

"Last reported sightings in Egypt, and Washington DC in the company of a creepy old man" declares the bulletin on a milk carton being circulated throughout South Carolina. 

BreitbartA group of concerned SC Republicans have put Senator Lindsey Graham's face on the milk carton in an effort to discover his whereabouts before the August recess is over. 

Today, Carolina Conservatives United is formally asking South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to issue a statewide “Silver Alert” in the hopes that we can find Lindsey Graham.

 “Lindsey Graham has not been seen in the state of South Carolina for most of the last two years,” said Bruce Carroll, Chairman of CCU.  ”In addition, Graham isn’t holding any town hall meetings during the August recess.  Finally, his behavior on television has been disturbing, erratic and devoid of any consistent conservative principles.  We are truly concerned that he may be in need of help.”

“It is imperative that we find Lindsey Graham and bring him home.  He is suffering from Potomac Fever and has definitely lost his way,” said Breeanne Howe, board member of Carolina Conservatives United.

To assist with this efforts, CCU has produced the attached photo which it encourages everyone to distribute via Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

CCU is also asking all residents to call all of Lindsey Graham’s offices to express their concern that he is missing and to request that he hold a town hall for constituents during the August recess.

I'm guessing Graham's constituents would love a chance to talk to him about the Gang of Eight immigration bill, defunding ObamaCare, and his strange new support for the Muslim Brotherhood.



You can find Senator Graham's contact info at the Carolina Conservatives Website.

Read the post at Breitbart.com...

Monday, August 19, 2013

SSN: Martin County Taxpayers Are Being Told NOT to Want Their Money Back

Martin County Taxpayers Are Being Told NOT to Want Their Money Back

By: NANCY SMITH | Posted: August 18, 2013

Richard Grosso, the environmental attorney ordered by the 1st District Court of Appeal to repay court costs because he filed a frivolous appeal may not have to pay back the taxpayers of Martin County after all.

You heard right. Tough as times are, Martin County commissioners are being asked to waive the court's sanctions -- that is, forgive repayment of a bill that falls somewhere between $11,000 and $35,000. Numbers vary widely. The point is, they might do it.

The case it involves was a commission vote in 2009 to reduce the minimum lot size on 191,000 agricultural acres in western Martin County from 20 to 2 acres. The idea was to pave the way for clustered development, an avenue for saving green space and allowing rural property owners to trade large parcels for development credits.

Grosso and his clients, 1000 Friends of Florida and Martin County Conservation Alliance, didn't like it and, even though it's almost universally considered a good and ecological thing and sound policy to help the damaged Everglades, they sued Martin County, the Florida Department of Community Affairs and various development interests. They lost. And they were sanctioned for wasting everybody's time and money.


It might not have been a landmark case, but it was close, striking a knockout blow to all who would raise "meritless appellate arguments on the chance they will 'stick.'"

Read the column at Sunshine State News...


Link to an email app that will get you to the Martin County Commissioners.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Media ridicules congressman for stating his beliefs #tcot

Headline: GOP congressman: Global warming is a liberal plot to ‘create global government’ 

In their inimitable style, the Liberal Press has once again decided to make "climate deniers" another distraction from the Administration's endless incompetance.

The lead-in on the Rachael Maddow Blog at MSNBC By Steve Benen reads, “Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) took some time at an event in his home district this weekend to pontificate on the climate crisis. To put it mildly, his remarks were not at all encouraging.”

The headline at the Daily Kos reads: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher competes in crowded field for dumbest climate-change denier in Congress.

The Huffington Post article concludes with statements like, “Meanwhile, the congressional body designed to address climate change and its causes has been stacked with Republicans who refuse to consider that a threat exists.” 

Even The Daily Caller (which purports to be balanced) online writer Michael Bastasch has posted the video (below) which accurately presents the candid remarks of California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher addressing a townhall-type meeting on the subject of his disagreement with Barbara Boxer about the cause of global climate change. The text of his article, however, seems to conform to the tone of The Nation's report to paint the Congressman as an ignorant buffoon who gets his scientific data from the back of a cereal box.

The video, however, shows no such thing:


Congressman Rohrabacher is seen here delivering an insightful, humorous account of his view of the global warming controversy along with some entertaining vignettes of his encounters with “true believers.” The Congressman also offers his thumbnail-sketch view of the motives of Liberals in pushing the global warming hoax. 

This event has been featured across the nation by the mainstream media almost seamlessly adorned with consistent liberal commentary to drumbeat into the low-information voter how ill-equipped the Republicans are to occupy positions of power (Congressman Rohrabacher is Vice-chair of the House Science Committee). The maelstrom of radical commentary ensues unabated by those who read only the headlines and want to “contribute” their own two-cents by flinging insults and threats without substance in either. Apparently we have more work to do in raising the level of political discourse in America. The Press is not helping at all.

- Jim McGovern


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

There ARE some Republicans who "get it"

The following is a message sent from a group of Florida Republicans to the Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida on August 13, 2013:
Dear Republican Leaders,  
The email of July 22nd by John Thrasher merits a strong response. As people across the United States learn the innumerable problems with the Common Core system of national standards, tests and data mining, and rise up in horror to oppose their imposition on our innocent children, the proponents continue to recycle the same tired arguments. They continue to claim that opponents of this program are “misinformed” and laboring under “conspiracy theories.”
Please hear us loud and clear: We are not misinformed. We do know exactly what this is. We do not want it for our children, our party and our nation. These Progressive Ideals have no place in our schools.
Attached is a detailed letter with reference to the disinformation sent by Senator Thrasher and his cosigners. We welcome your attention to the letter attached and hope you will take the time to review it. Please feel free to reach out to us if you desire more information.
  • Randy Osborne - Chairman Marion County Republican Executive Committee
  • Eric Miller - State Committeeman, Martin County R.E.C.
  • John Drozinski - Chairman, Republican Executive Committee Highlands County
  • Teri Armstrong - State Committeewoman, Marion County R.E.C.
  • Michael Levine - Chairman, Lake County Republican Executive Committee
  • Elvira Hasty - Fmr. State Committeewoman, St Johns County R.E.C.
  • Gaye Ellis - Chair, Okaloosa County Republican Executive Committee
  • Tony Ledbetter - Chairman, Republican Party Volusia County
  • Sheri Ortega - Chairman, Suwannee County Republican Executive Committee
  • Patricia Sullivan - State Committeewoman, Lake County R.E.C.
  • Alan Burton - State Committeeman, Volusia County R.E.C.
  • Marguerite Cavanaugh - Fmr. State Committee Woman, Marion County. Executive VP Florida Eagle Forum

Define Hypocrisy.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Florida sheriffs: Keep "Stand Your Ground" as written

Florida sheriffs: Keep "Stand Your Ground" as written

FLnewsAug. 9, 2013 

Written by
Jim Turner
News Service of Florida

The Florida Sheriffs Association is no longer neutral on the state's controversial "stand your ground" law.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, the new president of the association, announced Friday that members agreed earlier this week without opposition to support the law "as currently written."

"Our current judicial system is comprised of multiple checks and balances to ensure fair and equitable application of all laws, including 'stand your ground,' " Judd said in a prepared statement.

When the National Rifle Association-backed law was approved in 2005, the association remained neutral on the issue.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Fort Walton Beach Republican who supports "stand your ground" and whose subcommittee will hold a hearing on the law, called it enlightening that a group that "has traditionally been tepid" on the law now "recognizes its value."

"I think they recognize that Florida is a safer place when our citizens don't have a duty to retreat and run," Gaetz said.

The voice vote Tuesday came with 57 of the state's sheriffs in attendance.

Read the entire article at news-press.com...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Karen Schoen -- America's future is in our hands

Karen Schoen -- America's future is in our hands

By Karen Schoen

August 10, 2013

During one of the many lightening storms I shut off my computer which I now do to for protection from the surges, I wondered what the Human Capital (Common Cores name for our children) will do if there is a prolonged storm, or brown out or electricity prices necessarily skyrocket?

How will human capital think if they can not press an APP? Our human capital can not function without electricity and an APP to guide them. They can not communicate without a devise. Look what we have done to our children. We are providing a future for them that will be totally dependent on machines. Communication skills and relationships will be a thing of the past.  

Teachers, Parents, Family, America and God will become obsolete as we allow machine to take their place. This will be our doing, on our watch. The damage done to this country by progressive, still angry baby boomers of the 60s, is insurmountable unless.
We stop all political correctness and tell the truth.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Busybody Politics

Busybody Politics

By Thomas Sowell  |  Jewish World Review August 6, 2013

SowellIt is hard to read a newspaper, or watch a television newscast, without encountering someone who has come up with a new "solution" to society's "problems." Sometimes it seems as if there are more solutions than there are problems. On closer scrutiny, it turns out that many of today's problems are a result of yesterday's solutions.

San Francisco and New York are both plagued with large "homeless" populations today, largely as a result of previous housing "reforms" that made housing more expensive, and severely limited how much housing, and of what kind, could be built.

The solution? Spend more of the taxpayers' money making homelessness a viable lifestyle for more people.

Education is a field with endless reforms, creating endless problems, requiring endless solutions. One of the invincible fallacies among educators is that all sorts of children can be educated in the same classroom. Not just children of different races, but children of different abilities, languages, and values.

Isn't it nice to think so? I suspect that even most conservatives would prefer to live in the kind of world conjured up in the liberals' imagination, rather than in the kind of world we are in fact stuck with.

The result is that many very bright children are bored to the point of becoming behavior problems, when the school work is slowed to a pace within the range of students who are slower learners.


By federal law, even children with severe mental or emotional problems must be "mainstreamed" into classes for other students — often in disregard of how much this disrupts these classes and sacrifices the education of the other children.

Parents who complain about the effect of these "solutions" on their own children's education are made to feel guilty for not being more "understanding" about the problems of handicapped students.

Nothing is easier for third party busybodies than being "understanding" and "compassionate" at someone else's expense — especially if the busybodies have their own children in private schools, as so many public school educators do.

Whether in housing, education or innumerable other aspects of life, the key to busybody politics, and its endlessly imposed "solutions," is that third parties pay no price for being wrong.

This not only presents opportunities for the busybodies to engage in moral preening, but also to flatter themselves that they know better what is good for other people than these other people know for themselves.

Right now, there are people inside and outside of government who are proposing new restrictions on how you may or may not visit the national parks that your taxes support. Among their proposals is doing away with trash cans in these parks, so that visitors have to take their trash out with them.


Just how they would enforce this, when millions of people are visiting places like Yosemite or Yellowstone, is something the busybodies need not bother to think through — much less pay a price, when trash simply accumulates in these parks after trash cans are removed.

ObamaCare is perhaps the ultimate in busybody politics. People who have never even run a drugstore, much less a hospital, blithely prescribe what must be done by the entire medical system, from doctors to hospitals to producers of pharmaceutical drugs to health insurance companies.

This includes federal laws requiring the turning over of patients' confidential medical records to the federal government, where these records can be looked at by politicians, bureaucrats and whoever can hack into the government's computers. Neither you nor your doctor has a right to keep this information confidential.

What could lead anyone to believe that they have either the right or the omniscience to dictate to hundreds of millions of other people? Our educational system may have something to do with that, with their constant promotion of "self-esteem," and especially their emphasis on developing "leaders."


Our schools and colleges are turning out people who cannot feel fulfilled unless they are telling other people what to do. The price of their self-indulgence is the sacrifice of our freedom. If we don't defend ourselves against them, who will?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Feds deem La. land a 'critical habitat' for gopher frogs #tcot

Feds deem La. land a 'critical habitat' for gopher frogs

Owner says ruling makes multi-million dollar property useless


Imagine waking up one day you find out the government has declared your private property to be a quote critical habitat. For an endangered frog.  Now to make matters worse to -- has not been seen in your home state for fifty years. This is not a joke. It happened to one man in Louisiana so we went down to the bayou state.

Spalding, Heritage: Wrong on Nullification. Again. #tcot

Spalding, Heritage: Wrong on Nullification. Again.

by  on August 4, 2013 in FeaturedNullificationtac
When nullification opponents need some conservative cred to back up their arguments, they turn to the Heritage Foundation.
And when Heritage needs to smack down nullification, it turns to its big gun – Matthew Spalding, Ph.D., Vice President, American Studies and Director, B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics.
But despite the impressive sounding title, Spalding doesn’t know squat about nullification, as he’s demonstrated time and again in his confused but emphatic dissertations on the subject.
It remains unclear how a guy working for an organization that brought you the individual mandate and  defends indefinite detention under the NDAA has any credibility on constitutional issues. Nevertheless, Tal Kopan turned to Spalding for the conservative take on nullification in her Politico piece titled States Seek to Nullify Obama Efforts.
And once again, Spalding delivered an incoherent attack on nullification, essentially saying he was against it, while touting it as a legitimate response to federal overreach.
There are a rising number of people who are frustrated with what Washington is doing, which is a perfectly legitimate and, in my opinion, correct view of ‘how do we push back?’” he told POLITICO. “Unfortunately, there’s a minority in that group that thinks nullification is the answer, by which they mean good old-fashioned, South Carolina, John C. Calhoun nullification. That’s deeply mistaken and unfortunate.
If there was any serious national movement advancing a “good old-fashioned, South Carolina, John C. Calhoun” type of nullification, I would have to agree with Spalding. I would consider it deeply mistaken and unfortunate. But nobody I’ve ever met in today’s nullification movement advocates for Calhoun’s version of nullification.
That’s because Calhoun was dead wrong.
It seems Spalding likes to pull Calhoun’s name out of his hat because James Madison vocally opposed the South Carolina Senator during the so-called Nullification Crisis in the 1830s. Spalding can conflate “Calhoun nullification” with the general principles of nullification and pretend the third president didn’t actually believe in them to buoy his case. He trotted out this line of thinking back in 2011.
Nullification is the argument that individual states have a constitutional authority to void federal laws.  John C. Calhoun made this claim back in 1832 and James Madison vehemently opposed it during the Nullification Crisis leading up to the Civil War.
But Madison made it clear in his Notes on Nullification that he wasn’t opposing nullification as it’s being used today, but specifically, Calhoun’s bastardized version of the doctrine.
But it follows, from no view of the subject, that a nullification of a law of the U. S. can as is now contended, belong rightfully to a single State [emphasis added]
Madison continued

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tea Party warns GOP of mass exodus if amnesty passes #tcot

Tea Party warns GOP of mass exodus if amnesty passes


capitolSince the U.S. Senate passed President Obama's amnesty bill with very strong Republican support, many conservatives have stopped financially supporting the GOP and many more are ready to leave the party altogether.

In the last week, Rep. Paul Ryan has voiced his support for amnesty and is even reportedly working with longtime amnesty advocate Rep. Luis Gutierrez, to pass so-called 'immigration reform' legislation in the House.

Fed-up with the the party they have supported with both their votes and their wallets, the Tea Party Immigration Coalition (TPIC) recently penned a letter to Reince Preibus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

The leadership of the TPIC asked this columnist to publish the letter...

Dear Chairman Preibus,

We are writing to advise you of a developing situation that should alarm you, as it does us. Tea Party and other patriot groups are hearing grumblings from their members that should concern the Republican Party.

The issue regards the amnesty of illegal aliens that is currently being discussed in Congress.

The discussion about "immigration reform," which we understand as code words for "amnesty" and the support of amnesty voiced by many Republicans in government, and out, has many of our members talking about leaving the Republican Party.

Also, many are saying they are seriously considering support for a Third Party.

Regardless of the widespread belief that a lack of support for border security and immigration enforcement led to defeat last November, this current discussion of amnesty has the potential for decimating the ranks of Republican activists at a time when all attention needs to be focused on the 2014 mid-term Congressional elections.

As the problems of illegal immigration continue to grow and impact citizens in every city in our country, the response by Republicans must be pro-enforcement, not amnesty.

Republican support for an amnesty will not impact the Hispanic vote one bit, as history has proven.

The contention that Republicans will win Hispanic votes by supporting amnesty is an offense to Hispanic Americans because it implies that by forgiving an illegal act, the Republicans can buy Hispanic votes. The whole concept insults the integrity of Hispanic American citizens.

Please understand, this is not a threat. This is what we are hearing and it concerns us because of the damage that will be done to the Republican Party.We are at a point in history when we need every friend we've got to halt the slide into the inevitable destruction of our economy and our country that will occur if conservatives are not elected to the government.

Various Tea Party and Patriot groups across the country are signing onto the letter, which will be sent to Chairman Preibus soon, according to TPIC President Rick Oltman.

Recent history gives further credence to the TPIC's warning...

During a press conference on May 8, 2012, the Republican National Committee's Director of Hispanic Outreach, Bettina Inclan told reporters that Mitt Romney was yet to make a decision on how to deal with the important issue of illegal immigration.

Inclan stated: "My understanding that he is still deciding what his position on immigration is."

Though less than an hour after making this damaging admission, Inclan sent out a Tweet, saying:"I misspoke, Romney's position on immigration is clear."

However, the horse had already left the barn at that point, and the apprehensions that many conservatives had about the former Massachusetts governor were given more credence.

Unfortunately, for those of us who wish to see the rule of law enforced and priority given to unemployed Americans over foreign nationals when it comes to jobs...there simply was no candidate to choose from this election year.

And, that is why fewer Republican voters showed up to the polls last year, than did in both the 2008 and 2004 elections.

Both parties already seem to agree that government should be big and expensive (despite GOP rhetoric), and now it would seem that the Republican Party is embracing the idea of rewarding those whose first act in this country is a crime.

If this is to be the case, Republicans can now bid farewell to the White House forever, as true conservatives will never compromise their principles as the GOP seems to do so easily.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rotten to the Core: Jeb Bush’s Crony Republicans Against Higher Standards #tcot

Rotten to the Core: Jeb Bush’s Crony Republicans Against Higher Standards

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 2, 2013 


stopCCHere’s a new installment of my Rotten to the Core series on education and curriculum. This latest scandal has only just begun. I hear from multiple sources that there are more damaging e-mails to come. Jeb World is getting rocked not only by this mess, but by the nationwide, grass-roots revolt against his top-down Common Core scheme — which continues to grow despite Bush’s latest p.r. efforts to bamboozle talk radio and conservative pundits about his education racket.

This is a battle not between left and right, but between right and wrong.


Rotten to the Core, Part 1: Obama’s War on Academic Standards
Rotten to the Core, Part 2: Readin’, writin’ and deconstructionism
Rotten to the Core, Part 3: Lessons from Texas and the Growing Grassroots Revolt
Rotten to the Core, Part 4: The Feds’ Invasive Student Tracking Database
Time To Opt Out of Creepy Fed Ed Data-Mining Racket
Rotten to the Core: Reader feedback from the frontlines
My child’s Common Core-aligned Algebra book is crap
Rotten to the Core: Conservatives spearhead drive at RNC meeting to stop Common Core
Today: Twitter rally to stop Common Core
Who’s tracking your children?
Stop Common Core Twitter list

Read the latest installment by Michelle Malkin HERE...

A Critical Primary Race in N.J. #tcot


The Right Candidates for US Senate


Watch Dr. Eck talk about health care


Watch Campaign Announcement Here

Statement from TeamNJ Concerning the August 13th Republican Primary for US Senate

June 14, 2013
By Nicholas Purpura and Dwight Kehoe

When Steve Lonegan announced his candidacy for Senate we were truly excited; a true conservative Republican running for the US Senate from New Jersey.  Thereafter, we were informed that Dr. Alieta Eck threw her hat in the ring.  Wow, the excitement continued; TeamNJ now had not just one true conservative for support consideration, but two!

So which of the two does TeamNJ support? At this time all we can say is, we have two winners on the ballot in this primary, both with the correct political ideology. New Jersey and the country can not lose with either of them.

When you look at the two Marxist-Democrats jockeying for the same US Senate seat, you see two of  the most liberal reprobates who have ever polluted the halls of Congress.  Representatives Holt and Pallone.  The third challenger is none other than the Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker.  The question many are asking: Will those two congressmen mount a savage attack on Mayor Booker, and thereby risk alienating the reliable black vote?  We can only hope they do.  

As for Republicans and conservatives, it's imperative that we select a Senator who will best represent our state and our country and, as we decide, stay united against the assassins of our Constitution.  For the first time in recent history, we have two such candidates in Steve Lonegan and Dr. Alieta Eck. What both campaign teams must do is, consistent with honorable conservative statesmanship, run a clean and noble primary campaign based  upon what they can do and will do, as opposed to highlighting the possible shortcomings of the opponent.  We are blessed with two fine candidates.  Let's leave the mudslinging to the Marxist Democrats.  

Why do we continue to call them Marxist Democrats?  Simple, the Democratic party of your father no longer exists. Allow us to remind the voters of a quote in a speech given by 6-time Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party, Norman Thomas:

“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism', they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened”.

He went on to say:

“I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party, The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

With all the shortcomings of today's Democratic Party, they do remain loyal to the party line and always support their primary winners.  It would be wise for Mr. Lonegan's and Dr. Eck’s campaign committees and the Republican Party to take that page out of the Democratic playbook (but please, only that page). Following the primary, join forces behind the winner.

We have noticed a few e-mails, not generated by either campaign, containing derogatory comments.

Such activity does not serve New Jersey, but will surely serve her enemies.  

We either elect a constitutionalist Senator to represent us and our fellow citizens or we get more of the same un-American socialists.  Be assured, the media as well as their Democratic operatives, are experts when it comes to mudslinging.  You can expect the usual lies and slander, as well as the compounding of things said in our primary.  We all must be vigilant and professional throughout this primary election.  

The entire country will be watching. It is time to unite!

Whether Steve Lonegan or Dr. Alieta Eck wins the primary, the other should not only support the winner but also keep their team in place.  Thereafter, immediately begin to prepare for the all-important Congressional elections of 2014.  New Jersey and the country need men and women of moral character in the halls of Congress.  Either one, Lonegan or Eck, would serve America well in any office and, after running a clean and honorable campaign based upon the issues, both of them will surely gain the support of constitutional and conservative groups such as TeamNJ for future campaigns.

The Eagle, Mr. Nicholas Purpura 
and Dwight Kehoe


June 14, 2013


Friday, August 2, 2013

Don't Fund It!

Don't Fund It!


On October 1st, millions of Americans will be required to enroll in Obamacare and could lose access to their doctors and be forced to pay higher premiums and higher taxes. But there's still time to stop it. Republicans in Congress can stop Obamacare if they refuse to fund it.



Sign the petition and tell Congress: Don't Fund Obamacare!

Let's stop this foolishness until it can be done correctly!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Regionalism: Obama’s Quiet Anti-Suburban Revolution #tcot

Regionalism: Obama’s Quiet Anti-Suburban Revolution

The consensus response to President Obama’s Knox College speech on the economy is that the administration has been reduced to pushing a menu of stale and timid policies that, in any case, won’t be enacted. But what if the administration isn’t actually out of ideas? What if Obama’s boldest policy initiative is merely something he’d rather not discuss? And what if that initiative is being enacted right now?

A year ago, I published Spreading the Wealth: How Obama Is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities. There I described the president’s second-term plan to press a transformative “regionalist” agenda on the country. Early but unmistakable signs indicate that Obama’s regionalist push is well underway. Yet the president doesn’t discuss his regionalist moves and the press does not report them.

The most obvious new element of the president’s regionalist policy initiative is the July 19 publication of a Department of Housing and Urban Development regulation broadening the obligation of recipients of federal aid to “affirmatively further fair housing.” The apparent purpose of this rule change is to force suburban neighborhoods with no record of housing discrimination to build more public housing targeted to ethnic and racial minorities. Several administration critics noticed the change anchallenged it, while the mainstream press has simply declined to cover the story.

Yet even critics have missed the real thrust of HUD’s revolutionary rule change. 





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