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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Media ridicules congressman for stating his beliefs #tcot

Headline: GOP congressman: Global warming is a liberal plot to ‘create global government’ 

In their inimitable style, the Liberal Press has once again decided to make "climate deniers" another distraction from the Administration's endless incompetance.

The lead-in on the Rachael Maddow Blog at MSNBC By Steve Benen reads, “Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) took some time at an event in his home district this weekend to pontificate on the climate crisis. To put it mildly, his remarks were not at all encouraging.”

The headline at the Daily Kos reads: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher competes in crowded field for dumbest climate-change denier in Congress.

The Huffington Post article concludes with statements like, “Meanwhile, the congressional body designed to address climate change and its causes has been stacked with Republicans who refuse to consider that a threat exists.” 

Even The Daily Caller (which purports to be balanced) online writer Michael Bastasch has posted the video (below) which accurately presents the candid remarks of California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher addressing a townhall-type meeting on the subject of his disagreement with Barbara Boxer about the cause of global climate change. The text of his article, however, seems to conform to the tone of The Nation's report to paint the Congressman as an ignorant buffoon who gets his scientific data from the back of a cereal box.

The video, however, shows no such thing:


Congressman Rohrabacher is seen here delivering an insightful, humorous account of his view of the global warming controversy along with some entertaining vignettes of his encounters with “true believers.” The Congressman also offers his thumbnail-sketch view of the motives of Liberals in pushing the global warming hoax. 

This event has been featured across the nation by the mainstream media almost seamlessly adorned with consistent liberal commentary to drumbeat into the low-information voter how ill-equipped the Republicans are to occupy positions of power (Congressman Rohrabacher is Vice-chair of the House Science Committee). The maelstrom of radical commentary ensues unabated by those who read only the headlines and want to “contribute” their own two-cents by flinging insults and threats without substance in either. Apparently we have more work to do in raising the level of political discourse in America. The Press is not helping at all.

- Jim McGovern


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