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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Karen Schoen -- America's future is in our hands

Karen Schoen -- America's future is in our hands

By Karen Schoen

August 10, 2013

During one of the many lightening storms I shut off my computer which I now do to for protection from the surges, I wondered what the Human Capital (Common Cores name for our children) will do if there is a prolonged storm, or brown out or electricity prices necessarily skyrocket?

How will human capital think if they can not press an APP? Our human capital can not function without electricity and an APP to guide them. They can not communicate without a devise. Look what we have done to our children. We are providing a future for them that will be totally dependent on machines. Communication skills and relationships will be a thing of the past.  

Teachers, Parents, Family, America and God will become obsolete as we allow machine to take their place. This will be our doing, on our watch. The damage done to this country by progressive, still angry baby boomers of the 60s, is insurmountable unless.
We stop all political correctness and tell the truth.

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