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Sunday, June 12, 2011



By George Fuller
Floridians for Immigration Enforcement (FLIMEN)

Florida is a peninsula surrounded by water on the East, South, and West and on the North by states with mandatory e-verify laws. It is expected as illegal aliens self-deport from the states banning modern day slavery they will migrate to Florida. Corrupt illegal employers like Alico, Inc, run by Senate Budget Chair JD Alexander, chosen by U.S. Senate hopeful Mike Haridopolos, will gladly welcome more illegal aliens to the nearly 1 million in the state currently. Illegal employers use to own them, with all the upkeep of housing and feeding, and now they only have to rent them.FlaFlag

Loathe to shed the slave employment mentality, the companies employing illegal aliens by their very actions spit and walk on the legal workers of Florida. Floridians are left to educate, medicate and incarcerate the illegal aliens who create the chaos and anarchy in the state currently costing Floridian taxpayers nearly $5.5 Billion annually and over $25 Billion in the last decade.

Floridians need to brace themselves for evermore illegal alien costs as Florida remains the job magnet in the south-east part of the United States. The figure of 1 million unemployed legal workers and over 600,000 employed illegal aliens will surely rise in both numbers.

Who is to blame? Look no further than the Florida State Legislature. Every state immigration law proposed has been blocked from passage for years with the Republicans in charge. Understand Democrats would do no better if in charge.

Begin with Senate President Mike Haridopolos. He promised there would be legislation dealing with mandatory e-verify and he delivered twice.

Senator Hays introduced a stand alone bill in the senate identical to one in the House introduced by Rep. Harrell. This was the bill that should have moved through the legislative process and put into law since it was non controversial and dealt solely with employment to protect legal workers. It never made it through the first committee.

Understanding a stand alone bill would be difficult to defeat both Haridopolos and Cannon came up with committee bills to load them up with controversial red meat issues like the AZ crime bill. This allowed the legislators intent on defeating the legislation ample ammunition to demonize the legislation.

Haridopolos was not content with simply a committee bill with controversy surrounding it he guaranteed defeat by appointing Senator Flores who openly opposes any state immigration laws to be Chair of the Judiciary and the responsibility to kill it in the process.

Flores was being attacked from both sides so Haridopolos replaced her with Senator JD Alexander who also openly opposes state immigration laws. He even voted against his own bill in committee as did Flores.

Other supporting cast on the senate side to ensure defeat were the black members led by Senator Joyner asking ridiculous questions regarding e-verify obviously ignoring all the factual material provided her at the beginning of the legislative session. It never ceases to amaze me why black legislators oppose state laws that will protect black workers. I asked all the members last year why and got not one response.

On the House side there was little activity so the players to spotlight were Cannon who came up with the committee idea and Snyder who insisted on his red meat AZ type bill be part of the process.

So long as Haridopolos continues to use ardent opponents of mandatory E-Verify to be in charge of moving the legislation, such as Flores or Alexander, nothing will pass.

The only sure way a mandatory E-Verify bill will become law in the state as all of our neighboring states have is if a stand alone bill is allowed to be processed through the system without an undue number of committee assignments and has a sponsor seriously trying to get the legislation passed.

Short of that, color us California where 35% of the university population of 435K are illegal aliens who are getting their student loans from whom?

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