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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Finally, Martin Activist Maggy Hurchalla Goes to Trial

Finally, Martin Activist Maggy Hurchalla Goes to Trial

February 3, 2018 

The Lake Point lawsuit against Maggy Hurchalla, a former Martin County commissioner and environmental activist, alleging she interfered with the western Martin rock mine's contracts, finally … finally … goes to trial Monday. The county has endured five years of legal wrangling, accompanied by the choreographed hand-wringing and inflammatory remarks by Hurchalla groupies to get to this point.
As the trial date approaches, the intensity increases as Hurchalla supporters emphatically begin pointing to Lake Point as the culprit in creating this mess  -- those billionaires -- as if their wealth alone is sufficient evidence to vindicate Hurchalla of wrong-doing.
We have seen those widely distributed email blasts accusing Lake Point of hiding behind the scenes, pulling the strings, controlling even the state attorney and the grand jurors, who indicted sitting Commissioners Sarah Heard and Ed Fielding on two counts apiece and former commissioner Anne Scott on four counts of violating the state public records laws.
Credit: Patrick Carlson

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