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Monday, December 14, 2015

Rae: 14th Session of the Provisional World Parliament

14th Session of the Provisional World Parliament

Global Governance: Step-by-Step, Inch-by-Inch 

by Debra Rae

Step-by-step, inch-by-inch, “national identities and individual religions appear to be morphing into nondescript and indistinguishable arrangements to some unidentified whole.”[ii] In the race to global governance, the “inner voice of humanity” purportedly begs for “a pure moment of one” whereby the clear boundary between physics and metaphysics is obliterated; and scientific study of the universe[iii] defers to its worship.[iv]

Making sense of this twaddle, we’re told, “will call for a World Parliament to continually build the body of world law, modeling the way human problems are properly addressed. It also demands immediate action to establish democratic world government in accordance with the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.”[v] But: Who’s doing this building and modeling? And: “What worldviews inform that work?” Claiming to be wise, the so-called “collective voice” of humanity is advised by cosmic humanists, illuminists, and theosophists who exchange the glory of the immortal God for mere images that resemble creation. In a word, the global mind, thusly debased, devises evil.[vi]

When cornered by ear tickling, peace-and-harmony tripe, we wisely take pause. Consider, for example, the Human Rights Council. This inter-governmental body within the United Nations was charged with strengthening and protecting human rights worldwide. However, among the foxes elected to oversee the henhouse of human rights were some of the world’s worst offenders—e.g., Cuba, Egypt, Pakistan, Libya, and Iran. [Entire article...]

Under Chinese occupation, the Tibetan people are denied most rights guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights—namely, rights to self-determination, freedom of speech, assembly, movement, expression, and travel—yet China moderated complaints about foreign occupation. Incredulously, Saudi Arabia was tasked with handling complaints about women’s rights! Yes, violations of human rights warrant timely action, but not by victimizers masquerading as altruists. Unfortunately, come the end of December, we can expect more of the same—this time, in India.

14th Session of the Provisional World Parliament[vii]
This month (December 27-29, 2015), Kolkata will host the 14th Session of the Provisional World Parliament. Endorsing aims and objectives of the Provisional World Parliament, sponsors represent a plethora of faith traditions. Many serve (or have served) in key positions at the United Nations, targeted for replacement by the Earth Federation. Over the course of twenty-five years, 145 Honorary Sponsors have come alongside acts, resolutions, and memorials that the Parliament adopts.

Far from a ragtag gaggle of beatnik-hippies, its list of sponsors reads like a “Who’s Who” of distinguished scientists, politicians, justices, journalists, academics, executives, and ministers.[viii] Within their ranks are members of the Nobel Peace Committee (not to mention prize recipients), prime ministers, and clergy. To these elitists, “democratic world law” is the targeted expression of “love” envisioned for the planet’s integrated future. Accordingly, an independent governmental body known as the Provisional World Parliament creates authentic world law[ix] to prosecute “world criminals who today act as heads of warring nation-states.”[x] (Like member-states of the defunct United Nations?)
Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is broadly known as headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity, founded by the late Mother Teresa. But don’t let this feel-good location fool you. Not Missionaries of Charity, but the World Constitution and Parliament Association, the Institute on World Problems, and the International Society for Intercultural Study and Research will host the 14th Session of the Provisional World Parliament. Poised at the highest levels, these three legislate, research, and educate at par with the UNESCO Peace Education Model—but to what end?

·         World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)[xi]
Founded in 1958, the World Constitution and Parliament Association serves as organizing agent for the Provisional World Parliament. Members from 120 countries work to ratify the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, first adopted at the World Constituent Assembly (1977) as a sort of “mother board” for regionalized global governance.[xii] 


Having surfaced in the 1940s as a leader in the one-world movement, WCPA’s co-founder Philip Isely eventually became its secretary-general. Isely served as integrative engineer for assembling a total of five planned sessions of its Provisional World Parliament.[xiii] Borrowing directly from the Club of Rome handbook,[xiv] the constitution is said to read like an occult manual. It’s no wonder. WCPA’s spiritual liaison and leaders include cosmic humanists, yogis and swamis from the Far East.[xv]

·         Institute on World Problems (IOWP)
The Institute on World Problems is a non-profit, educational think-tank to identify and solve global problems—i.e., environment, population, military, terrorism, and social justice. Piloted by international lawyer and teacher, Dr. Terence Amerasinghe, IOWP touts the “final solution” of democratic world government under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.[xvi]

In this effort, the IOWP offers regional seminars worldwide, especially in developing countries.[xvii] Education features instruction on constitutional world law, parliamentary procedures, global citizenship, public-private partnerships, scientific developments and breakthroughs. To enhance communication among cultures, the Institute encourages multi-linguistic, second-language competency; also, literacy in the international auxiliary language of Esperanto.

The Graduate School of World Problems linked to the first Provisional World Parliament, which met in Brighton, England (1982). For years the Graduate School operated from its Sri Lanka office, but after the IOWP re-incorporated as a 501(c) 3 (2003), it worked out of the state of Virginia. Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Radford University in Virginia, Dr. Glen T. Martin was a delegate at the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Provisional World Parliaments. A prolific writer on behalf of the one-world renaissance, Martin advocates for world revolution, human liberation, and the Constitution for the Federation of Earth—accomplished by summoning humanity, peddling unity in diversity, reasoning to build trust, empathizing, and dialoguing for cooperation.[xviii]

·         International Society for Intercultural Study and Research
A non-profit, non-violent global forum for “universal good” (1983), the International Society for Intercultural Study and Research fingers cultural alienation as root of the global crisis. Patrons, advisors, executives, officers, coordinators, secretariat, and its executive director (Dr. Santi Nath Chattopadhyay) hold impressive credentials from diverse disciplines,[xix] and “elevated personalities from different corners of India” lecture on the society’s behalf.

Mankind, it’s believed, must rise from an inherited past to a prospective future of collaborative co-existence distinguished by a new, cultural consciousness that speaks to the “spiritual Universal Man”–that being, the “Superman.” (No joke!) To this end, ISISAR analyzes diverse socio-cultural expressions, cultivates shared values, and applies social services for repressed people in undeveloped communities. Theirs is a global vision of universality in the context of a new, intercultural world order ostensibly characterized by expanded freedom.[xx] Symposia, seminars, workshops, and conferences feature themes of integration, values, harmony, peace, and freedom—socio-politically, economically, and spiritually.

John Locke agreed with our founders that fundamental human rights are God-given.[xxi] Thomas Jefferson characterized the Locke Model as “the People’s Law,” rightly balancing between tyranny, on one hand, and anarchy on the other.[xxii] In contrast, a body of world law coupled with “demand for immediate action” promises no such balance. The guiding principle of socialist, government-managed development, called sustainable development, calls for revamping the very infrastructure of nations away from sovereignty, rugged individualism, private ownership and control of property to nothing short of collectivist national zoning systems under elitist rule.

In truth, man’s so-called “inner voice” speaks to his own greatness.[xxiii] What resists that greatness must be conquered. In the real world, “power concedes nothing without a demand,”[xxiv] and “we are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money.”[xxv]  Unfortunately, what naturally follows is (1) breakdown of traditional values (as defined by biblical ethic); (2) population control (managed death options as abortion; childless homosexuality; eugenics); (3) non-voluntary wealth redistribution; and (4) forced quotas. In short, complete paradigm shift away from the Western archetype informed by biblical ethic.

The Bible is clear. By nature, all are “children of wrath.”[xxvi] Whom the world esteems falls grievously short of the divine model.[xxvii] Friendship with the world is enmity with God.[xxviii] When left to human devices, apart from divine enablement, man naturally succumbs to sexual and spiritual uncleanness, hatred, strife, seditions, envy, and the like.[xxix] Scripturally, he is said to drink iniquity like water.[xxx] Try as he might, “There is no one who does good”;[xxxi] and that includes the “spiritual Universal Man”!

Despite claims to the contrary, new order multilateral futurists bully, emasculate and, then, exact resources from those rightly described as the world’s “producers.” The late Henry Lamb[xxxii] warned, “An interdependent, one-world state under global leadership will result in the US taking on the lowest common denominator that forced equity demands.” Lamb’s point is well taken, but even more sobering is biblical prophecy: “For when they shall say, ‘peace and safety,’ then sudden destruction comes upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”[xxxiii] 

Word to the wise: Don’t drink the Kool Aid.

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[xiv] Founded in 1968 by Italian industrialist Aurelio Peccei, the Club of Rome is an occult-driven spin-off of the Council on Foreign Relations. It has a small membership of about 100 who meet yearly. Most of the planning directives for world government come from the Club of Rome whose 1972 report, the Limits of Growth, serves as blueprint for today’s bold new economic, military, and political union in Europe.
[xv] Now called the World Constitutional Convention, the World Constituent Assembly revealed plans for global control of all trade, banking, and finance (1977). Authorized by the WCPA, an Earth Financial Credit Corporation oversees development of global trade and commerce on a regional basis.
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[xxi] Basic to American creed are inherent rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” In his Second Treatise of Government, John Locke outlined the law of nature and nature’s God—i.e., rights of “life, liberty, and estate.”
[xxiii] Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov founded the 2045 Initiative (February 2011) along with leading Russian specialists in fields of neural interfaces, robotics, artificial organs and systems in order to develop humanity under optimal conditions for spiritual enlightenment based on 5 principles: high spirituality, high culture, high ethics, high science and high technologies. To create a more productive, fulfilling, and satisfying future, the main science mega-project of the 2045 Initiative aims to create technologies enabling the transfer of an individual’s personality to a more advanced non-biological carrier, and extending life, including to the point of immortality.
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[xxxiii] 1 Thessalonians 5:3—“For when they shall say, ‘Peace and safety’; then sudden destruction comes upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”

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