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Friday, February 27, 2015

Liberty Caucus: Eliminating Regional Planning Councils Update

Eliminating Regional Planning Councils Update

by Danielle Alexandre 

What Are Regional Planning Councils?


In the 1960’s Florida’s 67 counties were divided into 11 regions and Regional Planning Councils were created. The original purpose was to apply for and distribute federal funds to help with building roads and bridges between the counties in the region. Unfortunately, the 11 Florida Regional Planning Councils have become a de facto agency of the federal government to promote “Smart Growth” and “Sustainable Living” at the expense of local control of land use decisions and private property rights. Regional Planning Councils receive funding from the federal government to bypass our local and state representatives. Counties are required by statute to participate in membership in these Regional Planning Councils and pay large membership dues with your tax dollars.


Do We Need a 4th Level of Government?


Are “one-size-fits-all” Growth Management Plans Good For All Counties?


What is Happening this Session



Read the details at theLibertyCaucus.com... 

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