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Thursday, January 15, 2015

SharkTank: Florida GOP Could Elect Chairman “Reminiscent” Of Jim Greer?

Florida GOP Could Elect Chairman “Reminiscent” Of Jim Greer?

Posted by:  on January 14, 2015

The Republican Party of Florida is poised to elect a new chairman at its annual meeting in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, January 17.

Depending on who you ask, each candidate in the race will tell you that he or she has enough support to garner the necessary votes to win the chairman’s election.

Let’s just say that there has been a fair amount of brown-nosing being done by the “Fab Four,” who are all out pressing the flesh, and burning up the phone lines in hopes to turn out enough committeemen and women to support their respective candidacies

Thus far, the race between the four candidates, who look to lead the state GOP for the next two years-Chairwoman Leslie Dougher, Eric Miller, Kurt Kelly, and Vice Chairman Blaise Ingoglia- has been quiet and uneventful, that is until now.

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