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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winn: Seven 50 Defeated in Martin County

by Chuck Winn | 17 Dec 2013

Martin County constitutional conservatives owe Jackie Maimone, Sheila Donivan and Phyllis Frey their thanks for their tenacity and leadership over the past 3 months in mobilizing the Seven 50 opposition.  Their focus and judgment have been outstanding throughout the process, to include selecting Jerry Kychelhahn as the Seven50 opposition spokesman at today's decisive BCC meeting.  The Martin Co. vote was a resounding success against regionalism. 

We should also thank Martin GOP Chairman Kate Boland for getting out in front of this with her support of Seven 50 opposition efforts. It was disappointing however, that Commissioner Doug Smith put his supporters’ vision of profits from high density development from the federal HUD trough ahead of government under our Constitutionally prescribed system for the rule of law.  Also noteworthy was the total absence of support against Seven 50 from the Martin County Political Leadership Council (formerly the Council of 100).  Interesting how the opposition on the Commission was led by Commissioner Heard who many in our ranks have vilified over the past 11 years.

Hopefully in 2014 we can help the Martin Co. School District and our Martin County Legislative Delegation understand the treats that Common Core in the same way we helped the BCC to see the light.

Have a Merry Christmas. 


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1 comment:

Rhett said...

Though Martin County voted out Seven50 the organization tried to claim that Seven50 was not voted out and they would clear the confusion up shortly.

There is no confusion, No Means No.

HUD's tentacle of Seven50 is still embedded in many of the cities that are within the counties that opted out.
We must eradicate the Seven50 tentacle from our City Halls as well.
Find out more at