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Monday, October 15, 2012

Fight Agenda 21 from Tallahassee

Oil is the prize. Money, power, control are the tools. The American people are in the way. Agenda 21 is the plan.

Agenda 21 is the United Nations plan to inventory and control every aspect of human activity. Agenda 21 calls for the elimination of individual rights, private property and national sovereignty. The government will be controlled by the Elite. The United Nations will grant your rights so you will be controlled.

Sign this petition to protect our individual rights, private property and national sovereignty.

The petition is from the AgEnders and is located on agenda21today.com

It is modeled after the Alabama Bill which passed and has been used successfully to eliminate the Baldwin Co comprehensive plan in favor of a new plan that will protect private property rights.

It was written by Henry Lamb, Don Casey and Ken Freeman.

It was edited by our attorney to make sure it was compliant with Florida law.

Support Florida's Protect Private Property Bill Petition | GoPetition

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