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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Significance of Party Platforms #tcot

by Phyllis Schlafly September 19, 2012

House Speaker John Boehner was quoted during the Republican National Convention as saying, “Have you ever met anybody who read the Party platform? I never met anybody.”

Scoffing at the Party’s platform is the typical attitude of establishment-backed politicians who don’t want to be bothered with addressing the hopes and goals of grassroots voters. Downgrading the platform is the mark of losing candidates such as Bob Dole and John McCain.

The Republican Platform is written by a committee of one man and one woman from each state who are elected by those who have already been elected from their state as Delegates to the quadrennial National Convention. It is a very democratic (small d) process.

Most of the members of the 2012 Republican Platform Committee in Tampa had never served on a Platform Committee before, and many had never before been to a Republican National Convention. Their product is a reliable statement of what grassroots voters care about.

The Republican platform writers were upfront about social issues, conspicuously ignoring Governor Mitch Daniels’ foolish attempt to call a “truce” about social issues. The grassroots are smart enough to have figured out that social issues (a) motivate voters and (b) cause the enormous spending and debt that Barack Obama has piled up, a statistical fact that establishment gurus like to ignore.

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