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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guess who's selling socialism/transnationalism/NWO #tcot

The mainstream media has had a field day on the remarks of a certain young Congressman who insists on a straight-talk description of the subversives in Washington - those who would comprimise the sovereignty of the United States. In the Congressman's own words, he is, "...calling a spade a spade." For this, Congressman Allen West has our heartfelt gratitude and support. The press, however, continues the ridicule at its own peril.

Naming names, however, is an activity that carries its own perils and is not something that a politician can engage in without election consequences. That SHOULD be the meat of an honest press outlet. There is none.

Just for fun, let's present some remarks that have been made in the past careers of some of the people who are now running our government, and let's see if you can guess who made the remarks!! You can make your guesses in the comments section of this blog. Ready? I'll start with a big hint.

Senate - July 1, 1992 
Congressional Record [Pages S9473 - ]


It is, I believe, the duty of this generation of Americans to complete the task that Woodrow Wilson began. 
  Today, I shall describe the third and fourth parts of America's agenda for a new world order: organizing for collective military security, and launching a worldwide economic-environmental revolution.
 In advancing, on a new world order agenda, toward an expanded commitment to the collective use of armed force, where necessary


Instead of tiptoeing toward a revised mandate, NATO should make a great leap forward -- by adopting peacekeeping outside NATO territory as a formal alliance mission. 


A more pressing need, on which we should act without awaiting the negotiation of membership change, is to further empower the [United Nations] Security Council through the standing availability of military forces
  One remarkable development of recent years -- a true precursor of the new world order  -- is the U.N.'s active and competent role in fostering the settlement of conflicts in Namibia, Angola, Western Sahara, El Salvador, and Cambodia.


To realize the full potential of collective security, we must divest ourselves of the vain glorious dream of a pax Americana -- and look instead for a means to regularize swift, multinational decision and response. 
   The mechanism to achieve this lies -- unused -- in article 43 of the United Nations Charter, which provides that: 
All members undertake to make available to the Security Council, on its call and in accordance with a special agreement or agreements, armed forces ..... necessary for the purpose of maintaining international peace and security. 
   Article 43 provides that the agreement or agreements shall be negotiated as soon as possible. But for 47 years that condition was not met: the cold war polarization that beset the United Nations made it impossible for such force commitments to be negotiated. 
  The agreements envisaged by the U.N. founders -- under which nations would designate specific units to be available to the Security Council -- have never been made. 
   Article 43, at present, is a promise unfulfilled. The time has come: the
 United States, in conjunction with other key nations, should now designate forces under article 43 of the United Nations Charter.


In sum, the assignment to the U.N. Security Council of American and other military units would enhance one valuable instrument of American foreign policy -- that is, participation in collective military action --


So, can you guess who this distinguished speaker is? And when you do, can you recognize the intellectual capacity so evident in his public comments today? Of course such an erudite proposal could come only from a man of his intellect.

JJM (Jim)

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