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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Southeast Florida’s seven counties join to draft 50-year plan for sustainable development


About 500 urban planners, civic figures, public officials and activists gathered in a historic Delray Beach schoolhouse Wednesday to launch a dauntingly ambitious -- and unprecedented -- undertaking: Mapping out a 50-year-plan for the sustainable growth of the seven Southeast Florida counties that stretch along the Atlantic from the Keys to Indian River.

The two-year effort, dubbed Seven50, is designed to produce a coordinated but voluntary action plan to address common, critical issues or needs such as population growth, suburban sprawl, transportation, economic development and environmental protection. The overarching goal is to secure the region’s economic future while improving its quality of life, organizers said.

“We get to pull the lens back far enough to have an opportunity to make the place more prosperous and a nicer place to live,’’ said nationally prominent Coral Gables-based planner Victor Dover, the project’s lead consultant.

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ed: This is your introduction into central planning and social control in South Florida. Your choice.

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