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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Looking out for the LITTLE GUY

While the rest of us are meeting in Orlando to find a Republic Standard Bearer for the 2012 election (to defeat the Obama Machine), Vice Pres. JoeBiteMe is coming down to Miami to consult with one of the Progressive Best for a little “redistribution” of our wealth. The struggle for the rights of the oppressed continues in the Miami home of  Michael M. Adler, Chairman of the Adler Group.

Isn’t it inspiring that people like these can fight the millionaires and billionaires with their big corporate jets mentality and the greed that compels them to resist the Obama juggernaut? Why must the greedy Republicans continue to prevent Obama from raising the debt ceiling once again to “create jobs?” But I digress…

While Republicans are hatching plots to uncover the hypocrisy of the Progressive/socialist message, the gritty work goes on in that socializing manner that true radicals embrace. With dedication and zeal, Progressives suffer through the Miami heat to bring poor Joe Biden a meager repast on September 23. Where else can you see the “people’s work” being done for Social Justice?

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