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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Death Wish

Two stories came out last week, two stories that paint a very, very ugly picture about the Obama administration and its notions of "border security."

The first: a report by an ATF agent that he was assigned to track stolen guns -- and when given the chance to seize them, was ordered to allow the guns to "walk" and continue right into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. The theory, he was told, was that the intelligence gained by following the guns and the trail of possession they passed through was more valuable than the risks of letting those guns get into the hands of the cartels.

The second: a report on the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry last December. Terry was part of a patrol along the Mexican border when they were confronted by Mexican drug cartel gunners. The Border Patrol agents were, on the specific orders of their superiors, armed with non-lethal weapons, and opened fire with shotguns firing beanbags. The Mexicans responded with real guns -- and Agent Terry was killed.

So, here we have two policies of the Obama administration: first, to not only allow but assist the Mexican drug cartels to get guns; second, to deny border patrol agents from using their own guns in a lethal fashion.

Together, they form a lethal setup: the drug cartels with heavy-duty weapons, border patrol agents with beanbags. It's a formulation with only one possible outcome: American agents getting killed.

This could just be incompetence.
This could just be ignorance.
This could just be a case of Obama's left hand not realizing what his right hand is doing, and no one connecting the dots. But that can't be; we've been told, repeatedly, that Obama is brilliant. That he's surrounded himself with the best and brightest, and they know just what they're doing.

So, the inescapable conclusion: the Obama administration is trying to get US agents killed.

It's not clear why, what purpose their deaths will serve, but that's the only conclusion one can draw.

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