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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Solar Panels: Biden's 'Buy China' Plan


Solar Panels: Biden's 'Buy China' Plan


  • Beijing set out to destroy the American solar panel industry with subsidies that allowed Chinese companies to sell below the cost of manufacture — and, with the help of a series of neglectful American presidents, it largely succeeded.

  • Americans workers cannot compete with slaves. Chinese solar panels are often made with what is politely termed "forced labor," Uighurs and other captive Turkic minorities transported around China to factories resembling concentration camps.

  • Now, thanks to Biden, products built by forced or slave labor will find their way into the United States tariff-free. Chinese producers have been shipping China-made products into Southeast Asian countries — most notably Vietnam — and exporting them to the U.S. with labels falsely showing manufacture in those other countries.

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