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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

MailChimp Doesn't Like Us

Leftists Strike Again

We were notified a few days ago that our MailChimp account (a Bulk Email Provider) has been suspended (indefinitely). Citing some violation of their Terms of Use, no further explanation was offered.

My best guess is that the RSS Feed picked up the latest post on our website, which links to the WarRoom video of the interview with S.G. Cheah, of Evie magazine. The subject was The Great Reset. That email was never delivered.

The same date we included an audio interview (The Corbett Report) with Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari.com. This subject was also The Great Reset as it deals with our monetary system. 

They apparently now include these discussions under violent extremism. Bottom line: they do not want you reading about these subjects.

We sent a message to the MailChimp Admins asking to be reviewed and reconsidered. They have not yet responded.

We have always used MailChimp to automatically send out new website posts to our subscribers each Monday morning. They also were part of our strategy to avoid relying on just one Bulk Email Provider. Most of our subscribers are on lists with both providers.

We have now downloaded all of the subscribers from MailChimp and they are merged into the MadMimi list just in case the suspension lasts a long time. While MailChimp had many nice features that allowed us to communicate, we will not be too upset if they dump us. 

We were expecting this kind of knee-jerk reaction from them. Shame on them. We should all expect this type of treatment from Leftist organizations who resent our quest to preserve Constitutional Liberties. Apparently nobody is "watching the store."

MailChimp had been providing us with an RSS feed that automatically emailed the latest posts on the website. They're no longer allowing us to SEND. You will now get notified weekly when something new is posted on our website by the MadMimi function every Thursday morning. 

Hope to see you at our meetings or at the weekly roundtable discussions. FYI, attendance has been increasing each time since the fraudulent election. We're staying informed.

Jim / M912TC

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