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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Here’s a very sweet reason Roger Stone has it in for Ron DeSantis

Here’s a very sweet reason Roger Stone has it in for Ron DeSantis

A new attack ad against DeSantis has links to the bare knuckled political operative

By  01Apr2018

I want to peddle a conspiracy theory.

I'm not in the business of publishing convoluted, unsubstantiated political yarns. But this one involves Roger Stone, the Machiavellian schemer and sometime Donald Trump adviser and Wikileaks ally and Robert Mueller Russia probe player and regular on the lunatic right InfoWars media network, and bestselling author of conspiracy theory books.

So it seems not so out of bounds in this case.

Today an outfit called National Liberty Federation began airing about $290,000 in ads on radio and Fox News TV stations across Florida hammering Republican U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis:
"It was supposed to be a revolution to take back Washington. But when Ron DeSantis got elected, he couldn't wait to be part of the in-crowd. Here's just one example: DeSantis started cozying up to two defense contractors and almost immediately began taking tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from them. And then, unbelievably, even moved into a luxury, beachfront condo owned by – you guessed it — two defense contractors. Even DeSantis was forced to admit that this was the case. DeSantis didn't throw the bums out of Washington; He moved right in with them, and this is exactly what conservatives like us are steaming mad about. People like Ron DeSantis going to Washington, forgetting who sent them there, and then becoming part of the problem. For more information go to RonDeSantisfact.com."
The National Liberty Federation is run by a Palm Beach County resident named Everett Wilkinson, who used to call the group the South Florida Tea Party. Wilkinson for years has worked closely with Roger Stone,  hosting a 2011 Boca Raton Trump rally that served as a harbinger of his presidential campaign, vocally supporting more casinos in Florida, another Stone cause, and serving as the press contact promoting Stones latest book about the Trump campaign. In 2015 Wilkinson helped Stone fight a plan for the South Florida Water Management District to buy 46,800 acres of U.S Sugar land to help restore the Everglades.

So why would Stone want to tear down Ron DeSantis, when DeSantis has the support of Trump, Stone's longtime friend and onetime client?


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