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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Citing No U.S. Money, Turkey To Leave Paris Accords

Citing No U.S. Money, Turkey To Leave Paris Accords
JULY 11, 2017 AT 2:44 PM   /   BY  | LINK
Turkey is following the United State’s lead, and leaving the Paris Climate Accords due to lack of monetary compensation from the United States.
Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan recently admitted the only reason for being in the Paris Climate Treaty was to get money from the U.S. and other more wealthy nations.  However, since the U.S. has pulled out of the treaty, there’s no reason to expect those financial benefits. 
Reuters reported that the decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement meant Turkey is now less inclined to ratify the deal because, as President Tayyip Erdogan put it:
The U.S. move jeopardizes compensation promised to developing countries.
These comments were made by Erdogan Sunday while at the G20 summit in Germany. Erdogan claimed that when Turkey had signed onto the accord, France had promised Turkey would be eligible for compensation for some of the financial costs of compliance. Where was this money coming from. Well, it seems that Erdogan saw it clearly as coming primarily from the U.S.
At the news conference he told reporters that though the Turkish parliament had yet to approve the accords officially, they would do so, but it would be largely symbolic as it would ultimately fail. He specifically pointed to the U.S. pull-out as reason for its demise in the Turkish parliament.
So we said if this would happen, the agreement would pass through parliament. But otherwise it won’t pass. Therefore, after this step taken by the United States, our position steers a course towards not passing this from the parliament.
This should settle once and for all the argument that this deal was in anyway good for the United States from an economic standpoint. It was to be a transfer of wealth from the developed countries to those which are under-developed, in the name of saving the planet. The only big winners would have been green-energy companies. President Trump rightly saw this, and pulled the plug on it.

Joseph Morgan | Team Writer at Western Free Press 

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