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Friday, March 31, 2017

Martin County: We Can Do Better!

Why appoint a superintendent?  Because it works!

Please take a few minutes to read about a new effort to place on the 2018 ballot a referendum determining how Martin County chooses its Superintendent of Schools.  Currently, this position is elected, while in over 99% of districts nationwide, the elected school boards appoint their superintendents.  A local group called the ABCs is leading this initiative, and provide the information found at the link website.  

Please click on this link to sign the petition:  ...and to find more information.

Please act on this petition by this Sunday and share with your acquaintances, friends, and family as time is of the essence.

The message above is provided by members of the Martin 9/12 Tea Party Committee who support a change in the method of selecting the Martin County Superintendent of Schools. Other members may not agree with this position and are welcome to express their opinions.


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