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Monday, March 7, 2016

The Martin 9/12 TeaParty Committee has not endorsed a candidate

We are not associated with "The Florida Tea Party".

07 March 2016

On this date, Floridians started receiving notices that "FL Tea Party" has endorsed candidate Donald Trump for President. Nothing could be further from the TRUTH.

  • TRUTH: "Florida Tea Party" is a commercial venture of Everette Wilkinson available for endorsement to whomever can pay the prevailing cost.
  • TRUTH: There is no exclusive rights to the term, "tea party". If you want to see a complete list of members you are required to "join" on their web page. Actual members and officials are never listed.
  • TRUTH: This organization has demanded several times that Everette Wilkinson remove any reference to our group from his website and we have been ignored. Their active link to our website has been disabled, but the reference text remains to give readers the impression that leaders of our group have subscribed to this fraudulent enterprise.
  • TRUTH: Florida Tea Party is as phony as its endorsed candidate. It holds no meetings, conducts no public events, has no "board" or leadership committee. It has a rented office in a commercial building in West Palm Beach where business is conducted by Everette Wilkinson.

We associate only with actual grassroots activists organizations across Florida who uphold tea party and 9/12 values and principles. The only affiliation our group has pursued is the national organization, Tea Party Patriots. We support their endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz while respecting the wishes of some of our members to support other candidates.

Jim McGovern
Cynthia Lucas
Martin 9/12 TeaParty Committee


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