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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Death of a Nation

The Death of a Nation
by Roger Field
11 July 2015

Intelligent Americans can no longer doubt we are witnessing the death throes of our country, a country once considered the greatest nation on Earth.  The evidence is overwhelming.  Our national government has become a progressive, cancerous growth of epic proportions, one that has penetrated every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave. 

Our elected leaders have been allowed to lure an expanding segment of our population into total dependency on government for healthcare, food, housing and education.  In the process we have ceded to the federal government the rights of the States, rights that were designed to protect and defend their citizens against an over-reaching central government.

We have stood by while our history is being re-written and taught to our children to get them to conform to the views of collectivist revolutionaries.  We have let the collectivists remove virtually every symbol of our Christian heritage from public view.  The federal Supreme Court has begun legislating rather than simply ruling on the constitutionality of the law as intended by the framers of the Constitution.

The collectivists are demanding removal from public view symbols of our history such as the Confederate Battle Flag.  They continue gnawing away at our moral code which from the nation's earliest days has been based on the Ten Commandments.  Their efforts to take away our 2nd Amendment right to own guns continues unabated.  In short, they are using all means possible to transform the nation into a classless society to fit their perception of equality.  And all of this doesn't include what the collectivists are doing to us on the world scene as a whole. 

At one time the USA held the respect of every other nation on Earth.  We didn't dictate to other countries, but they came to us for help.  A few mistakes were made in the process.   Following WWI, Woodrow Wilson and the heads of several other countries thought the road to permanent peace and unity was to form a world government which they called the League of Nations.  It failed to create peace resulting instead in flourishing dictatorships in Germany and Italy that would ultimately join hands with Imperial Japan to form an axis of nations that became our enemies in WWII.  Failing to heed the lessons to be learned from the League of Nations debacle, following WWII we were a major player in forming another attempt at world government, the United Nations.  The USA also took on the role of Nanny to the rest of the world and proceeded to give away $Billions to help our former enemies and others get back on their feet.  Appreciated at first, our generosity ultimately became a burden to us and totally unappreciated by its recipients.

In the years following WWII we entered into several more military conflicts and harsh standoffs. The first standoff was the Cold War with Russia which ended nearly four decades after the end of WWII. Korea was the first open conflict, when in 1950 North Korean forces surged across the 38th parallel, the line separating the Communist North and the Republic of South Korea.  Under the command of General MacArthur and the UN, forces friendly to South Korea went into battle to fend off the attack.  Following many difficult months of fighting, a truce was signed with the 38th parallel restored as the dividing line.

Then the forces of communist North Vietnam drove the French out of the country and we began helping non-communist South Vietnam defend themselves against the same forces from the North. Initially we supplied them with military advisors who would become the cadre around which we added increasing numbers of our own fighting units.  Militarily we were winning that fight, when here at home we began being unduly influenced by doves like the late CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite.  Demonstrations against the war in Vietnam rose all across the land forcing us ultimately to withdraw our troops, many of whom returned home to be spit on and harassed by the demonstrators.  From that day forward our military has had to fight with at least one arm tied behind its back.  That restraint is described as "rules of engagement" which, for reasons that escape me, we agreed to fight under in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Along with the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan has come Islamic sponsored terrorism inflicted against people in all nations seen by its perpetrators as infidels.  Their attacks have ranged from hangings, beheadings, burnings and suicide bombings to the devastating 9/11/01 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and plane crash in Pennsylvania.  It matters little the number of identified terrorist organizations such as al-Qaida, ISIS and many others, they are all Islam inspired and out to destroy Israel and Western civilization.

Politically, the lines separating our two major USA political parties no longer exist as the power behind each of them comes from the same ultra-wealthy elitists out to protect their wealth and power at all costs.  Those elitists descend from similar groups that have existed down through the centuries of recorded history.  They talk a good game, but in reality they could care less who's in the White House or Congressional leadership so long as the occupants can be controlled.  They have maintained that control by making the holding of elected office a profession not unlike those in medicine, law, education, engineering and the sciences.  Such a profession was not considered by the framers of our Constitution who saw public service as temporary and a return to their private occupations essential.

Adding to the power of the professional political class is the creation of the government dependency class noted earlier.  Once hooked on its "freebies", most members of this class will continue voting for those who are feeding their ill-begotten dependency benefits.  For all intents and purposes it’s a modern form of slavery.

As we approach the 2016 elections, we must ask ourselves some very serious questions about the nation's future and that of our offspring.  Do we want to continue on the current path?  Or do we want to change direction to the one first put forth by the framers of the Constitution?  If voters decide they want to stay on the current path, they need only vote to retain those in office who have brought us to our present condition.  Do that and we will have sealed our fate as a dying country.  If we want to return the country to its original path to greatness we will need to decide who will be most likely to effect changes that will put us there.

I believe we can once again become the greatest nation on Earth and there are several announced candidates for President who could get us there with the support of a Congress made up of individuals of like belief.  Whichever one of those candidates wins nomination must be steadfast in holding to his or her principles, but must also acknowledge the rights of everyone to have the opportunity for, "...life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."  The successful nominee must also be willing to announce plans for actions to be taken to get us back on the path set forth by the framers of the Constitution.  The challenges we face to get there are many but it must be done, so help us God.

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