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Thursday, May 7, 2015

IBD: De Blasio's Contract With America: This Isn't Progress

De Blasio's Contract With America: This Isn't Progress


Going Backward: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will reportedly issue next week a "Contract With America" for so called progressives. Without ever seeing it, we can guarantee that there is nothing progressive about it.

If there is another political group more incorrectly named than liberals — who are liberal only with other people's money — it is the progressives, almost all of whom are simply liberals who don't like that name.

There is nothing truly progressive about progressives' ideas. Their thinking is pulled directly from the recycling bin of tired, aging and discredited thought.

De Blasio, one of these mislabeled politicians, will unveil on May 12 "a 13-point progressive agenda that he hopes will be the left's answer to the Contract with America," Politico tells us.

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