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Friday, March 20, 2015

PLF Atlantic Center notches another win for property rights

PLF Atlantic Center notches another win for property rights

18 March 2015 | 

This week, Florida’s Martin County Commission accepted settlement terms that leave our clients, Bob and Anita Breinig, no longer facing onerous fines and the imminent loss of their dream: their popular Flash Beach Grille restaurant in Hobe Sound. Instead, the Breinigs find themselves with their property rights intact, and they stand ready to expand their business without unreasonable interference from meddling government bureaucrats.

Just a quick (or not-so-quick) summary of the facts in case you don’t remember the details:


Two years ago, Robert and Anita Breinig faced every American entrepreneur’s worst nightmare when they sought to expand their restaurant: government bureaucrats bent on stopping them for no reason other than they could.

Years earlier, the Breinigs started a small catering business, which they eventually expanded into a small but locally popular restaurant, the Flash Beach Grille, in Hobe Sound, Florida.  Robert cooks and Anita manages. Success followed success until mid-2013, when they requested approval from the County for a liquor license as a step along the way towards greater success. Then things went south. 

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