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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Nation in Crisis

by Roger Field | 24 Jan 2015

As we begin the year of 2015 we find ourselves still living in constant crisis whether it be in international relations or circumstances here at home. Abroad we find ourselves unappreciated, disrespected and disliked more each passing day. At home we find ourselves evermore divided by issues of race, ethnicity and financial wellbeing all exacerbated by a rapidly deteriorating educational system and growing threats to our basic freedoms. It is difficult for anyone who is steeped in the history of this nation to accept the notion that we stand at the brink of losing all that made this the greatest country ever known to mankind. We can save it but the task grows more difficult the longer we wait to do what needs to be done. 

We desperately need a strong leader in the White House who will lead us as we work to solve the many problems facing us. We need a Congress and Senate equally strong and dedicated to putting the nation back on the track set for us by the framers of the Constitution. We began the process in the 2014 elections but much more must be done. A new President will be elected in 2016. Our 45th President must be one who has the ability to bring us together, a person of honor, integrity and trustworthiness born of a lifetime of helping others. In my opinion such a man is Dr. Ben Carson, the retired legendary neurosurgeon. 

A truly loving dedicated illiterate mother encouraged Ben and his brother to learn by insisting they read two books each per week as they were growing up in a Detroit black ghetto. Ben found Christ after a near tragedy involving a knife attack on a fellow black youth.  He soon rose academically to the top of his high school class and in less than a year in the JROTC rose to cadet commander and was offered an appointment to West Point. He rejected the appointment only because by then he had decided to go into medicine. As they say, the rest is history. His history as a neurosurgeon has become legend. He has authored several books which I suggest anyone interested in his leadership qualifications should read. Especially recommended are Gifted Hands, America the Beautiful, and One Nation. 

There are many potential candidates lining up to enter the race for nomination especially in the GOP. Most of them have been in politics a number of years, long enough to have become obligated to powerful individuals and corporations who have supported them with campaign funding. They have become "political professionals" and, directly or indirectly, are emboldened to serve the interests of their elitist supporters, not all of which are in the best interests of "we the people".  Ben Carson has not become tainted with obligations to the political elitists, at least not yet and I pray he never does. 

Hillary Clinton is said to be the leading Democrat candidate.  The baggage she is carrying is enough to sink the strongest of candidates, herself included. Still, with a huge portion of our society dependent on government handouts, any Democrat candidate who will promise them more of the same will be tough to beat at the polls. A huge majority of Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities voted for Obama in both of his runs for the office despite his lacking even the basic qualifications.  Polls are indicating Ben Carson would capture a significant number of those votes and most independents were he to be the nominee. 

I firmly believe a Carson administration combined with a right thinking Congress would work hard to get us back on track both domestically and internationally.

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