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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sitting on Our Hands

by Shona Darress

For the past week or so we have been watching what has been happening in Kiev in Ukraine and in the last few days, watching in despair as so many of the brave demonstrators died. We are also seeing much the same thing happening in Venezuela. In the past year we have seen this happen in several other countries as the people of those countries rose up and threw out their corrupt and tyrannical governments. So this evening we were watching 'Braveheart' and saw how the Scots rose up against the English for their freedom. I was sitting there and wondering why all these other countries are rising up against their tyrannical governments and we in this country are blithely sitting on our hands doing nothing while this country slides rapidly into tyranny.

Why don't the people rise up like they have done in other countries? Then it hit me, the people of those other countries have had a taste of freedom and they know what tyranny is. The people of this country have never known anything but freedom and they have no idea what tyranny is. How in the world do we wake the average Joe up to what is happening here when they have been so spoiled by freedom that they no longer have any idea what tyranny is like?

Americans are so complacent and take their freedoms for granted and just cannot believe that they are on the cusp of loosing them for good.

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