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Sunday, January 26, 2014

No response from phony tea party in Miami

by Jim McGovern

We sent a notice to the Tea Party Miami on Saturday that has yet to elicit a response. The message (email) was sent also to all of the groups in Florida that were referenced on the Tea Party Miami website.Tea Party Miami Many leaders have sent their own demand for clarification.

We now believe it is time to let everyone know about the underhanded movements of the parties responsible for publishing the webpage of Tea Party Miami. There is no law that prohibits anyone from setting up a website and calling themselves a tea party group, but we don’t have to let them continue without consequences. Soliciting funds puts this case in a separate category.

If you would like to read the email and learn about the current assault on the good name of the Tea Party movement, please click HERE. If you are an organizer for any of these groups whose name has been hijacked by some impersonators, you should already have received it. If you have not taken action to demand to be removed from this website, then you’re asleep. It’s bad enough to be attacked by the Progressives, but to be usurped by a counterfeit organization for the purposes of raising money: that can not be tolerated.

You should all be aware of the scammers who will pose as a conservative voice of citizens. Take a second look, however, to see if the people responsible for the façade are identified and can be reached by name. If they fear to show their faces, how honorable can they be?

In the past election cycle, we have already warned some people in South Florida about selling the name of the Tea Parties to benefit their “subscribers.” They sent mailers out to campaign for candidates who are clearly Progressives. The response we got was that they were paid for a service. We suspect that these same people have sunk to new lows.

This latest threat is a direct result of our wish to remain loosely organized and accountable only to our members. This has left us vulnerable to fraudulent use of the Tea Party image and reputation. Efforts will be made once again to forge better links among the Florida groups (perhaps under the Tea Party Patriots mantle) to develop a method to exclude the phonies.  

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