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Friday, October 4, 2013


- See more at: http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/1/post/2013/05/turning-6-year-olds-into-propaganda-machines-common-core.html#sthash.3OZ4d1HP.dpuf

by Rosa Koire | 05/27/2013

If you were going to take over a country without using the military you'd probably do it through the media and the educational system.  And that's exactly what we're experiencing.  If it isn't a take-over what is it?  Total manipulation of children's minds in classrooms; every magazine, movie, TV program, newspaper, and textbook is working on the rest of us with sustainable development dictates; land use plans, emergency management plans, law enforcement plans, food regulation, energy restrictions, legislative and legal decisions--all direct us and formulate public opinion to unquestioningly accept the agenda for the 21st century.

As I travel the nation speaking I am sometimes challenged by people who are paid to advocate for Smart Growth and Common Core, or the Wildlands Project or regionalization/ globalization.  These are the people who pretend that we're crazy and they are the reasonable, sensible saviors of the planet. They're often employees of non-profits, government agencies, and foundations. Even when they're shown the facts they'll still deny them.  A tactic I see often is that they'll make personal attacks on me rather than address what I'm saying.  These are people who are motivated by money, or by acceptance in their social group, or job security, or by a sincere belief that they must not look deeply into Sustainable Development because the end justifies the means.  And the 'end' is the salvation of the planet, in their minds.

Many of these people are under 50.  They have been indoctrinated.

Please take a look now at a Common Core textbook for 6 year old children.  One thing you want to notice when you're watching this short video is that the text directs children to play on people's emotions when they are writing.  The other thing to notice is that the examples used include fighting a land owner who wants to build houses on land that people have been using as a park (no explanation here, just emotion: anger), and the need to manipulate parents and others.  Take a look. 

This is Common Core.  Common Core is Agenda 21.


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