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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Proposed bill seeks more regulation oversight of agencies

The Florida Current: Proposed bill seeks more regulation oversight of agencies

Gray Rohrer, 10/30/2013 | State and Local Administration

State agencies would be required to report on their rulemaking procedures to lawmakers more frequently and outline their efforts to implement new rules to conform to newly enacted laws under a proposed bill from the House Rulemaking, Oversight and Repeal Subcommittee.

The proposed committee bill, RORS 14-01, requires agencies to submit a plan outlining their regulation efforts to the Legislature each year. A similar report is required every two years, but under the bill agencies must begin the process of formulating new rules to comply with new laws passed by the Legislature, or explain why the law can be implemented without a new rule or regulation.

Rep. John Wood, R-Winter Haven, chairs the Rulemaking, Oversight and Repeal Subcommittee. He said the bill is not a direct critique of any particular agency but an attempt to streamline oversight of the rulemaking process. The bill is designed to move on from 2011 legislation calling on agencies to produce reports on the economic effects of all regulations existing at that time. Those reports are due out by Dec. 1, and the new bill would repeal the requirement to inspect the economic impact of all existing regulations in future reports.

“I’m not aware of any specific issue but obviously these procedures are not meant to be critical of anybody,” Wood said.

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