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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Sikorski Plan

The Sikorski Plan

How the Polish Foreign Minister shaped a (possible) solution for Syria.


A new urban legend is being spun. Before it takes hold for real, it’s high time for the truth to emerge in its full, splendid detail.

According to that legend, the Obama Administration reverted to the path of diplomacy on Syria only after a goofy remark by Secretary of State John Kerry in London about a possible way out of the crisis — if the Syrians came clean on their chemical weapons immediately.

SikorskiFat chance, Kerry added. But in reality, something else was going on. European forces had been at work getting the issue back on track, after the P-5 (the permanent members of the UN Security Council) had proven unable to do so.

Key in all this was the as-always deft handiwork of Radoslaw Sikorski, one of Europe’s most impressive and capable foreign ministers. Sikorski has now acknowledged his paternityregarding the plan now being negotiated in the UN Security Council.

But he did so only after I had broken the story in all its charming detail in my newspaper, Die Welt, this Tuesday. So here goes:

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