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Thursday, June 20, 2013

America should learn from Europe on wind power #tcot

USAtoday: America should learn from Europe on wind power

Iain Murray | June 13, 2013USA2day

 Germany and Spain have been hit by the downside of alternative energy.

(Photo: Matt Young, AP)As the Department of Energy considers a loan guarantee for the Cape Wind Project in Massachusetts, it should learn from Europe's failed wind energy experiments – and from its own troubled experiences with renewable energy projects.

Germany and Spain are waking up to the inevitable truth about renewable energy, especially offshore wind. They are now realizing the projects cannot survive without subsidies and that they make energy much more expensive to households and businesses. In an age of austerity, they are a luxury even Germany, Europe's economic powerhouse, cannot fully afford any more.

Read  the entire column on USA TODAY...

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