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Monday, May 13, 2013

Zoning Kills Affordable Housing #tcot

Zoning Kills Affordable Housing

How established homeowners use regulations to stop new low-cost homes.

John K. Ross | May 7, 2013logo

Excerpt: Incumbent homeowners have a powerful weapon for vetoing change: zoning. In Darien and other exclusive zip codes, mandated minimum lot sizes kneecap developers who want to build something other than super-sized homes. In the process, they put entire towns out of reach for all but the wealthy. In hardscrabble Ossippee, New Hampshire, where it's not uncommon for the working poor to live in tents during the summer months to save on rent, the zoning code flatly prohibits new apartment buildings.

Read the story on reason.com about a new book by Lisa Prevost called Snob Zones...

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