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Friday, May 10, 2013

Martin County Promoting Anti-Capitalist Propaganda on Website #tcot

Martin County Promoting Anti-Capitalist Propaganda on Website

On March 31, 2013, we sent this email to Martin County Commissioner John Haddox: 


A friend just sent me this information featured in the Martin County web portal. This is an example of how leftists infiltrate county administrations and pursue their own agenda.

I am shocked and surprised that you would allow this socialist propaganda on the MC website.  Are we now in favor of a government redistribution of wealth, such as is suggested in this video (and others) featured in a link on OUR website? Are we telling our youth that free enterprise and business is inherently evil and must be suppressed by government? I am sure that you were not aware of this.



What kind of image is that for a Republican officeholder? Whichever staff has been allowed this latitude should be corrected as soon as possible. I can not imagine that you (or your fellow commissioners) would permit this to be a reflection of Martin County administration!

Jim McGovern

It has been almost six weeks since we pointed out to this Commissioner that anti-capitalist propaganda is being featured on the Martin County Website. No response has been received from Commissioner Haddox. I included my personal phone number in the message (not shown here) and relied on cordial past conversations with Mr. Haddox to expect at least a phone call. While I am a voter in another Commissioner's District, I could not expect that Commissioner to be sympathetic to my appeal while promoting the same types of programs herself.

Mr. Haddox had presented himself during his campaign (in a recorded interview) as friendly to business and, as a military veteran and a Veteran's advocate, fiercely loyal to Constitutional principles. We expected him to recognize this contradiction to government service. Giving the socialists a voice on a county outlet appears to endorse their agenda.

We intentionally did not use the name of the Martin 9/12 Committee because we wanted Mr. Haddox to discuss this email among his fellow Commissioners, as from a concerned constituent and not from an “activist group.” Mr. Haddox knows me from the Republican Executive Committee, as well as from the M912TC. Apparently that was not loud enough to get his attention.

There have been six regular meetings of the Board of Commissioners since we sent that email and the offending “educational” material is still featured on the County Website. If I am wrong about the nature of this featured material, then Mr. Haddox should correct me.

PAGE containing the links to "educational resources." Sponsored by The Tides Foundation and George Soros.

LINK to "educational resources" featuring anti-capitalist and environmental extremist lessons for our youth.

ASSOCIATION between the "smart growth" advocates and collectivist rhetoric.


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