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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Martin County GOP passes resolutions against Common Core Standards and Seven50MCREC

Stuart, FL - At the regular meeting of the Martin County Republican Executive Committee Monday evening, the membership voted overwhelmingly to oppose two programs that appear to remove traditional local control over education and private property rights.

Following the lead of the Republican National Committee, the Martin County Republicans expressed their opposition to Common Core Standards promoted by the U.S. Department of Education that proposes to standardize educational goals throughout the nation. Proponents argue that these are not “federal mandates,” but downplay the criticisms of educators and small-government activists that national standards threaten local autonomy in education.

The Resolution suggests a connection between the Obama Administration’s advancement of these programs and the tightly-controlled copyrighted material owned by private organizations which developed the “standards” and stand to profit from their adoption.  Also featured in the statement of opposition is the proposed collection of extensive data on students which evades federal regulations against the development of a national database on citizens of the United States.

In a separate discussion, members unanimously passed a Resolution to express opposition to the latest iteration of Regionalism to appear in South Florida, entitled “Seven50: SE Florida Prosperity Plan.” The Resolution states a popular concern for expansion of government and its attendant erosion of local government authority. Many members commented emphatically that they have always been resistant to the idea of becoming like their densely-packed neighbors to the south. 

While reluctant to embrace more radical theories of a connection to international agendas for standardized governance, members wholeheartedly agreed that Seven50 proposes a policy to reduce the choices available to private property owners and to erode the discretion of elected officials in land-use decisions. 


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