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Monday, January 7, 2013

Socialist Plan To Eliminate Voting Is Discussed At Tampa Bay Public Meeting! #tcot

January 6, 2013FPPlogo

By James Lampe

As our county is being driven into socialism, the socialists and nihilistic opportunists are becoming bolder in their efforts to gain power and control of us. As in any organization, good ideas and productive techniques are shared. The socialists are no different, and are constantly tweaking their techniques to become more efficient. This article exposes one of their techniques (Regionalism) as they try to implement it in the Tampa Bay Area. If implemented, it will change the form of government from democracy to socialism.

To Americans, nothing provides freedom more than a car. It can transport you anyplace you choose, anytime you want. Old or teenage, rich or poor, it is a ready to deliver freedom 24 hours a day, every day.

However, the driving force of socialism is control. Control of the economy, control of healthcare, control of industry, control of energy, and control of the population. Socialists are just plain fastidious about control. But how do you control a free population? One step at a time, starting with their cars.

Read the rest at Florida Political Press...


Posted by James Lampe

Jim Lampe grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, earned a BS in Environmental Science and worked as a laborer and QA Chemist in a steel mill. He entered the environmental field as a Project Manager in the NJDEP Superfund Program, and his first job was excavating unexploded rocket fuel. He went on to work as a Project Manager in environmental consulting, and as an EH&S Manager for a multi-national Pharmaceutical corporation. While working as EH&S Manager for a Pesticide manufacturer, he earned a BA in Business Management. He has performed over 40 EH&S audits and worked on many Superfund sites.

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