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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stop Ratification of UN Treaty -- Possible This Week!


November 27, 2012

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that he plans to bring the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) to the Senate floor sometime this week.  The CRPD is another American sovereignty-threatening treaty, which President Obama signed on July 30, 2009, but has not yet been ratified by the Senate and for good reason!

We need you to tell your friends and neighbors about this new UN attempted power grab, and we need everyone to call and email your Senators, and urge them to vote against the CRPD treaty.

The American public cannot afford for this treaty to pass and allow the United Nations to implement more regulation that will have devastating effects on every American "person, organization, or private enterprise."  Worse yet, people with disabilities deserve better!  Addressing disabilities issues through an international bureaucracy undermines our ability to empower families and communities to serve disabled people’s needs.

The CRPD Treaty would expand the already growing powers of the UN in the United States, undermining our national sovereignty.  These new regulations are so complex that every American citizen will be impacted by the far-reaching consequences.

The CRPD Treaty will:

  • Exceed the bounds of the Americans with Disabilities Act and eliminate any remaining state sovereignty on the issue of disability law.
  • Demand that all American law on this subject conform to UN standards.
  • Force “every person, organization, or private enterprise” to eliminate discrimination on the basis of disability. This imposes impossible burdens and expenses onto private citizens, as they can be held in violation of the treaty if their private property is not fully accessible to persons with disabilities, even if they do not know any persons with disabilities.
  • Give the UN the power to determine the legitimacy and lawfulness of the United States’ budgets to assess compliance with such treaties.

Before the Senate left for recess in September, our conservative ally, Utah Senator Mike Lee, obtained signatures from more than 34 of his Senate colleagues asking that no treaties be brought to the Senate floor during the Lame Duck session.  The total has now risen to 36 Senators who have signed this letter. Below is the list of Senators who signed the letter.  If your Senator(s) signed the letter, please thank them and urge them to stand strong!

Jeff Sessions
Richard Shelby

John Kyl
(John McCain had signed the letter but withdrew his name)

John Boozman

Marco Rubio

Johnny Isakson

Jim Risch
Mike Crapo

Dan Coats

Chuck Grassley

Pat Roberts

Rand Paul

David Vitter

Scott Brown

Thad Cochran
Roger Wicker

Roy Blunt

Mike Johanns

Dean Heller

North Carolina
Richard Burr

North Dakota
John Hoeven

Rob Portman

Jim Inhofe
Tom Coburn

Pat Toomey

South Carolina
Jim DeMint
Lindsey Graham

South Dakota
John Thune

Lamar Alexander
Bob Corker

John Cornyn
Kay Bailey Hutchison

Orrin Hatch
Mike Lee

Ron Johnson

Mike Enzi

Take Action!

The time is NOW to stand up for states’ rights and our national sovereignty!  I urge you to call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on the CRPD Treaty!

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

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