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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Part of election is about how much control we want government to have #tcot

by Charles De Garmo, TC Palm, Nov. 02, 2012

Charles DeGarmoOur country is at a real turning point. In this election we have to decide if we want bigger government with more intrusion into our daily lives or are we (the people) to remain somewhat free to decide what we want or don't want in our lives?

All of us have basic freedoms disappearing faster than you can count. No 16-ounce sodas in New York. No trans-fats allowed in restaurants. No three-gallon toilets. No trespassing at any buildings or grounds where the Secret Service is protecting someone. And you're so stupid your government will pick out which light bulbs you're allowed to use and put the nutritional content of water on bottled water for you.

Did you know there are zero calories in water?

Today we have less freedom, less liberty and more government than when we were born. This has been made partially possible by about 15 Supreme Court decisions that have curbed individual rights and expanded government without the public noticing, including the recent "biggie" giving Congress the right to charge a "tax" or "penalty" for something you might not want to buy.

Read the details at TCPalm.com...



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