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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Comedy of Terrors (The Latest Halloween Schlock From The Climate Scientists)

 Repair_Man_Jack (Diary)  |  

RedStateLogoAs the epistemological failures of Climate Science become as large and as heavily burdensome as the Texas-sized growth of Antarctic Sea-Ice since 1979, the shrill histrionics of the Climate Scientologists who continue pushing for carbon regulation grow tinnier. Be very afraid, grants, oops, I mean lives hang in the balance. If you fail to take action, you will die. It’s almost as if you had an alternative to eventually dying anyway.

Now listen carefully, class. The smart guy with the Piled-Higher-and-Deeper is here to condescend to the little guy. His name is Doctor Paul Ehrlich, and he’ll tell you how to vote this election so you don’t have to turn off the idiot box and ponder these things. His sage advice follows below.

#politics. Vote for only dems — some of them bad, but if environmental collapse is to be avoided, Obama will need help from Congress.
#politics. My political views are only directed at those of you who want your grandkids to have a chance.

You see, !Climate Change! could cause 100 Million deaths by 2030. You are all really going to die. This time, the experts aren’t kidding. Malthus, he may have been an over-brimming sack of fertilizer. Sanger may have just been pimping out her abortuaries. Ehrlich, himself may have been holding a dud with The Population Bomb.

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