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Saturday, September 15, 2012



So, what else do you do on a beautiful Saturday afternoon but sit at your computer viewing the live broadcast of FreePac Ohio?

Sorry to report that's what I'm doing. It's 4:00 pm and I'm really impressed. The event goes 'til 7:00 pm.
The greatest thing I've learned so far is that FreedomWorks now has a Scorecard feature on their website. 
This Scorecard indexes every Congressman and every Senator and every vote they have cast in their recent careers. The votes are scored by their affinity to the conservative viewpoint.

Of course we know that that method begs the question, "who's view?" We know that one description of conservativism is not enough to satisfy everyone. That being said, another rating is added to those others who propose to rate legislators and their performance. Just having several souces for this information makes the process more reliable, if not perfect. Just having another outlet focusing attention on the actions of our legislators gives us more hope and gives them pause.

A sample of this data shows us that our friend and Representative, Tom Rooney, seems to be faltering in the eyes of those raters at FreedomWorks. His four sessions in Congress have yielded a Conservative score of 84%. And that's not bad. Until you see that the trend is 95%, 94%, 78% and 75%.

Where is he going from here?
Jim McG./m912tc

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