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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


By Cliff Kincaid
July 28
, 2012
NewsWithViews.comCliff Kincaid

The new conservative film, “Obama’s America: 2016,” offers a lot of good information but muddies the waters as Americans, during this critical election year, look outside the major media for information about their President.

Instead of educating people about communist influence over Obama, an unprecedented and shocking development for an American president, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza claims that “anti-colonialism,” a philosophy exploited by communists, is behind his beliefs and policies.

The critical fact about the cause of anti-colonialism, ignored in the film, is that it was a tactic of the international communist movement, which attempted to create the Soviet Union’s own colonial empire.

This omission is strange, since D’Souza’s film touts his work for President Ronald Reagan, who fought the communists in Hollywood and confronted the Soviet “evil empire,” leading to the collapse of the system and the independence of countries formerly under its control.

Oscar-winning producer Gerald R. Molen, who has produced several films for Steven Spielberg, also worked on the D’Souza project and has been quoted as saying that he intended “Obama’s America: 2016” to be an effort to depict the decline of America and its influence under Obama.

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This article continues with a criticism of the premise that Obama's motivation is primarily "anti-colonialism." Read how this relates to author and researcher Trevor Loudon. [ www.trevorloudon.com ]Trevor Loudon

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