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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A short message about perspective

12 August 2012
We congratulate the Republican Presidential team of Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan for 2012. Rep. Paul Ryan
     With all of the frantic press coverage it is difficult to remain rational about the recent campaign events, but we are asking you to remember that the image of Rep. Ryan as an "extreme conservative" is being manufactured (by the press) as we speak. In the one camp, it is because they want to attack him as a radical extremist. In the other camp, the "handlers" want to show how conservative they can be. Call me skeptical.
     Please recall the events of last year's "budget battle," where the debate ranged from ultra-conservative (slashing federal spending by 35 - 40% and eliminating entire federal departments) to moderate (Cut/Cap/Balance), to the very "prudent" Ryan Plan, which calls for gradual reductions in (future) scheduled budget increases, relying (once again) on inflationary pressures and anticipated GDP growth to reduce the deficit. While none of these plans made it close to the senate floor, the Ryan Plan is now being described as "radical" and "extreme."
     Somehow then, this translates into a "conservative victory" with the selection of Paul Ryan for Vice President. Please don't misunderstand! We welcome the very effective addition to the Romney ticket, but just as Romney was not a "tea party choice," Paul Ryan is Gov. Romney's concession to conservatives. His selection makes voting for Romney more palatable, but does nothing to insure real changes in government (that will require "keeping their feet to the fire").
     So, when you're celebrating tomorrow night (and Tuesday night) with your Republican friends, remember that, once again, the (national) choices that would further the true reclamation and restoration of "First Principles" have been removed from the table and we will be forced to work with what we are provided by media and party elites. We have much more work to do.

Jim McG

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