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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Republican Party Primary 14 August 2012

Martin 9/12 TeaParty Committee
Interview Committee Results

2012 Republican Party Primary
14 August 2012

The Martin 9/12 TeaParty Committee is supporting the following campaigns in the primary election. Those candidates who have demonstrated their steadfast commitment to the values and principles of the grassroots movements identified under the Tea Party and “9/12” banners are featured ☆ for endorsement.
U.S. House of Representatives
District 18
Col. Allen West (ret.)
U.S. House of Representatives
District 19
Byron Donalds
Florida State House of Representatives
District 82
MaryLynn Magar
Florida State House of Representatives District 83
Gayle Bauer Harrell
Martin County Sheriff
John “Ski” Pietruszewski
The essence of the tea party and 9/12 movements is an abiding interest in promoting the values and principles that made our nation great and which have been sorely missing among politicians in recent years. These selections may appear “politically naive” to those who do not subscribe to our grassroots orientation. We would rather lose than promote a candidate who does not honor the office.
The remaining local races are covered in our website Candidate Page HERE.
image Our present State Committewoman, MaryLynn Magar, who has been representing Martin County as a consistent, reliably conservative voice, will be leaving that position to run for State House of Representatives in District 82. We fully support her bid for the State House. We trust that her campaign will attract attention and support from traditional sources, as well.
We must now elect a successor who will honor the legacy established by MaryLynn and continue to represent Martin County in a conservative, family- and business-oriented way. If that is the type of representation that fits your needs, we can help.
The Martin 9/12 TeaParty Committee has been researching candidates for local office for the past three years. We have interviewed dozens of candidates in numerous races. We have not, however, presented a member of our group as a candidate for any office - until now. Election laws and Party regulations restrict the kind of communications we can engage in for any candidate, but nothing prevents us from letting you know that there is one candidate for Republican Party State Committeewoman (unpaid party office) who will continue in the conservative legacy of MaryLynn Magar.
Florida-born and raised, Mona Leonard has been an activist for conservative, family values for many years. Employed locally as a respiratory therapist, Mona took the time to assist in developing the MCREC 2012 Party Platform. This is the only Republican Party platform in the state of Florida and serves as a model for other counties' platform development.
The Martin 9/12 TeaParty Committee asks you to keep Mona Leonard in mind when you go to the polls or send in your absentee ballot for the Republican Primary Election. The Martin County REC has been a stalwart conservative influence in the affairs of The Republican Party of Florida and Mona Leonard will continue that effort as the new State Committeewoman from Martin County.

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