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Friday, June 8, 2012

"Plan for the 21st Century" #tcot

by Capt. Sid Preskitt

ed.: In his message, Sid references the article entitled, Fishermen Cry War Over Fishing Regulations.SidPreskitt

After at least 15 years or more of talking with Agenda 21 experts like Dr. Michael Coffman and the late Henry Lamb, then researching and reading the actual Agenda 21 document and its companion (un-ratified) UN treaty, Convention on Biological Diversity, and the massive Global Biodiversity Assessment, I can say that all roads lead back to these.

A small part of the overall picture has been the curtailing of the American fishing industry through "reductions in over capitalization,” “Marine Protected Areas," and "Catch Shares- in which a limited number of fishermen will be allowed to work."  Coupled with extremely low recreational and commercial harvest limits based on "the Precautionary Principal," all inspired by the United Nations’ Agenda 21.

The overall big picture was described explicitly by a high UN official, Maurice Strong when he said that because we consume too much of the earth's resources and as a result are causing all the global problems, "...isn't it our responsibility to bring about the collapse of the industrialized countries?"

Thus, a primary reason that the economy is in the tank is directly attributable to the implementation of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development by the federal government since June 29, 1993, when Bill Clinton issued executive order 12852 and ordered the creation of the President's Council on Sustainable Development to find ways to incorporate Agenda 21 into government policy. Prior to this order, the EPA on its own had already issued an inter-office memorandum to "natural resource agencies" to begin implementation of the UN Agenda 21 policies.

The NAFTA Agreement, which facilitated the evisceration of the American manufacturing base, is also tied directly to Agenda 21. The NAFTA Preamble cites "Promoting Sustainable Development" as a Goal.  Sustainable Development is the implementation plan for Agenda 21.

Al Gore said that we must undergo a, "wrenching transformation of society." He intended this to be done through the "re-inventing of government." What this is about is reconfiguring American government policy and the American way of life to conform to and to abide by Agenda 21. After all, as the UN states, it's their "Plan for the 21st. Century".

Hopefully this will bring into focus what the game is.  It's not just a “War over fishing regulations.” This is the planned economic strangulation of America.



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